Sunday, July 16, 2017

No comment.

That time when the Westboro Baptist Church picketed my chorus concert. This is a unique experience that my straight brothers and sisters have never had. I mean there total wackos but I do remember the first time they did this and being disturbed by them. The second and third time not so much.

The then junior Senator from Illinois Barack Obama in 2008 one month before he was elected the 44th President Of the United States. I miss him so.

Dolphin jumping in the wake of our boat in Florida.

My friend Robert with Rep. Maxine Waters at the first major anti-Iraq war demonstration. Jane Fonda made her first anti war speech since Vietnam.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Impeach The Mother Fucker Already!

WILLIAM — Another day, another reason to ITMFA!

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Most importantly, you’ve helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for three important organizations fighting Donald Trump’s agenda!

Today we invite you to make an even bigger statement — to flood Congress with ITMFA Lapel Pins!

Give $15 and we’ll send a set of lapel pins to a member of Congress with a personal message in your name. All proceeds benefit the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the International Refugee Assistance Project.

Encouraging the Russians to hack our election, possibly colluding with the Russians, definitely obstructing justice, lying to the American people, attacking our allies, violating the emoluments clause, gross incompetence, being a huge sexist pig—take your pick of reasons to ITMFA.

Send a message to your elected officials! Send a message to all of Congress! We want that MF impeached already!

Again when you order a set of lapel pins to Congress, you're not only sending a message, you're supporting three amazing organizations with the guts to take on Trump.

— Dan Savage and the ITMFA Team
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Terry McAuliffe @GovernorVA Denies Clemency

I am appalled at the former DNC employee is denying clemency for a disabled man.

Dear William,

URGENT UPDATE — Governor McAuliffe has rejected the calls of over 30,000 activists and denied clemency to William Morva, despite his serious mental disability. Virginia plans to carry out the execution today, July 6th, at 9pm.

You can still make a difference! Call the governor’s office now and urge him to change his decision and grant clemency. The jury never heard the full extent of William Morva’s mental disability, or that he may have been under the influence of delusions when he committed his crimes.

Call 855-637-1740 now!

James Clark

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Terry McAuliffe, Commute William Morvas Sentence Now!

To participate in this action send your own letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia here.

Dear Governor McAuliffe, 

I am writing to respectfully request that you halt the execution of William Morva and commute his sentence.

Williams Morva has been diagnosed with a mental disability, and his delusional disorder may have contributed to his crimes. However, the jury never heard this vital evidence. 

You can use your executive clemency to correct this error. 

International law prohibits the execution of people with mental disability, whether or not that mental disability is a relevant factor at the time the crime was committed or whether it developed while the person is in detention, before or after conviction. If the United States is to follow international law, William Morva cannot be executed. 

Executions are never justice, and the death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. 

Please consider the facts of this case, and take into account William Morva’s mental disability and the impact it had on his crimes when you evaluate his application for clemency. Commute his sentence to life.

Thank you,
William K. Rosen
Lombard, Il

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Come and hear us Jul 17th @ 5pm and 8pm

 Get your tickets here! 
Windy City Gay Chorus and Windy City Treble Quire present Pulse 
under Artistic Director Dr. Eric Esparza.  

The word "pulse" has many different meanings: the human heartbeat; a single vibration of sound or light; recurring rhythmic figures; mood; vitality. These definitions are the inspiration behind our upcoming Pride concert, Pulse

Led by Dr. Eric Esparza, the concert will explore a variety of musical styles including classical, pop, contemporary, Broadway, and world music featuring composers from Brahms to Gershwin. This eclectic array of songs will be sure to touch and inspire audiences. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to assist those affected by the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. 

Performances are Saturday, June 17  
5:00 PM & 8:00 PM 
at the Chicago Temple 
First United Methodist Church
77 West Washington Street 
Chicago, IL 60602
$20 General Admission and $35 Limited Reserved Seating tickets 
are available for advance purchase
 Student/Senior tickets are available for $10 at the door.

Celebrating 38 Lyrical Years, Windy City Performing Arts is Chicago's premier LGBTQ choral arts organization encompassing Windy City Gay Chorus and Windy City Treble Quire. Windy City Performing Arts celebrates diversity, honors creativity and cultivates pride through the transformative power of music and the arts. 
Vote for Us!

Windy City Performing Arts is thrilled to be nominated for Best LGBTQ Organization in Chicago! Please show your support and vote for us here.
Windy City Performing Arts, Center on Halsted, 3565 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60613
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