Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think I have new neighbors

and they involve having demon children. Oh well, I guess I can re-introduce my apartment complex to the fabulous world of Wagner!

What about Mahler? I'm loving some finale of the 8th!

I know this was mentioned in Dayvid's blog for a good deterrent for obnoxious neighbors music. Will keep you up to date.

Monday, March 29, 2010

testing 1..2..3.

01 A Part of the World by ohthebill

Trying out a new site to upload music to and see how it goes
Just for records sake this is my friend Bukeka's first track on her new cd "Spirit Is Alive" called "A Part Of The World"

Send me your track

oh the drama!

Well there's not much to report here. Vince and I have been steadily getting better, I think there was just a huge break in communication, but we have everything settled and I'm proud to say that we weathered the storm together. If you're not familliar with what I'm talking about then GOOD!

Back to local news now, there was a major fight in my apartment building today, of course being the intrepid amateur videoographer, I grabbed my Flip Camera and went about taking a video through my little window on the door.

Now the really loud guy, the one calling the other dude a 'bitch' is the hero in this situation. He was trying to kick out this young guy (that later was arrested) that we all know beats on women. We've discussed it all with the apartment manager, she knows, and apparently things came to a head today and I say you go...kick him the hell out of our apartment! Yay for clearing out crappy people who beat on women!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Celebrating the Passage of a Flawed But Necessary Bill, Part 1: Taunting

I had to repost this, it had me in stitches::

O, c'mon, Tea Party fuckers, where's your war? Are you waiting for marching orders from Glenn Beck? Didn't Nancy Pelosi just deliver 'em to you with a couple of votes to spare? The Senate bill's been passed. Health care reform is the law of the land. The Senate's just adding a few geegaws and excising a few lumps. Bring this shit on, you teabaggers with your mouths so full of Rush Limbaugh's saggy, useless balls and eyes so blinded by the reflection of klieg lights off Sarah Palin's glaring glasses and ears too numb by the subhuman grunting that goes on around you at your despicable rallies of hatred that you've become deaf, dumb, and blind to the reality of your own lives.

Instead, we're gonna see the actions of a bunch of cowardly cunts, led by men like the Foghorn Leghorn-sounding cocksucker who called Bart Stupak "baby killer" for voting for the bill (when Stupak ought to be more correctly called, "woman-hater") and won't even man up to admit that he did it. Or the craven vandals who threw bricks through the windows of Representative Louise Slaughter's Niagara Falls office and Democratic Party headquarters in Rochester, NY.

Or, even worse, the knuckle-dragging yahoos who got their rocks off by calling John Lewis "nigger" and Barney Frank "faggot" in halls of congressional offices. Yeah, the Rude Pundit bets that nigger guy and faggot guy saw each other across the lobby from each other and abandoned their "Kill the Bill" signs to rush into a janitor's closet, with faggot guy bending over a shelf and dropping his pants, telling nigger guy, "Fuck me, man, it won't make you a faggot." And nigger guy, resting his Coors beer gut against faggot guy's coccyx, started fucking away, his sweaty, hairy stomach rubbing, so big that he couldn't even lean in to give faggot guy a decent reacharound. No, of course, when you're balls deep in the ass of a fellow imbecile, it's hard to think about going off to fight the new Civil War.

So, c'mon, you town hall patriots, where's the guns your signs promised? What are you waiting for? Or is it that your cause is lost? Is it that it's time for you to get the fuck home and go work your shitty paying jobs while you still have them? Is it that it was just talk and a good picket sign all along and you're all just frightened, cornered, irrelevant cogs in a machine that was slick with the rancid grease of manipulation?

And, while desperate tools like John McCain pledge to repeal the bill, while court challenges await as Virginia questions why its college graduates ought to be under their parents' health insurance or Florida decides that its senior citizens should still have a donut hole in their prescription drug plane or Utah can't understand why insurers should have to cover its children with pre-existing conditions or Oklahoma thinks that insurance companies should be able to drop coverage for its sick citizens, while the Republican party wrecks itself over its failure to rein in those who threaten violence and insanity, we can say we defeated mob rule and our own despair. And, for a moment, we can crack open a beer to celebrate before we work to make the damn thing better.

original post from The Rude Pundit

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Jihad For Love

ala Netflix. We have both the DVD rental and the streaming online feature and I just watched this online and it really was an amazing movie. I'm torn between feeling a sense of solidarity with my gay Muslim brothers and sisters and feel that being rejected for the love that we innately feel not only on a society level but also on a religious and personal level. I thought it was not surprising to find gay people feeling the same thing that every person on the planet feels, love for another human being, and feeling wanted, to be accepted by their families, and society. Nothing is different. What I mean is that all over the planet people want the same thing, to love someone and have that love given back. I feel so horrible for the people that today, in my country, and countries around the world who are killed, either by a process or by human fear.

Today there was a demonstration at the White House, apparently that happened at noon right as Gibbs was hosting the press corps in the rose garden. There was a question about it and Gibbs blew it off as is his trademark when is comes to gay 'anything' Here's the question and subsequent blow off keen readers of this blog will remember that I mentioned Gibbs in another blog entry not that long ago, about this exact topic, and what did Gibbs do with that question? Blew it off. Anyone see a trend? I'm starting to believe that nothing is going to happen, there aren't going to be any changes with DADT I should use Madame Speaker Pelosi's statement in response to demonstrations at her office:
Drew Hammill, Speakers Spokes: “The Speaker believes passing ENDA is a top priority, and hopes that we can bring ENDA up as soon as possible. That being said, the right time to bring the measure to the floor will be when we have the votes.”
anyone who has a sliver of common sense knows that is spokesperson speak for 'thanks for coming and demonstrating you gays but we'll get to you when we have the votes. Dan Savage pretty much sums up my exact train of thought when it comes to this subject

Lt Dan Choi handcuffs self to White House fence to protest military's gay ban

Lt Dan Choi and Capt James Pietrangelo led a crowd of several hundred supporters from Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, DC to the White House, where both men handcuffed themselves to the north fence to protest the President's inaction on Don't Ask Don't Tell. Choi is being discharged for being gay and Pietrangelo was already discharged for being gay in 2004. They were coming from an HRC rally with Kathy Griffin - Griffin and HRC president Joe Solmonese were invited to attend, but they ignored Choi when he asked them to march with him. In this video you'll see Choi and Pietrangelo marching with the crowd past the Treasury building to the White House, you'll then see Choi and PIetrangelo speak then handcuff themselves to the White House fence, then you'll see Robin McGeehee of - the group that organized the event, and sit-ins in Speaker Pelosi's DC and SF offices, get arrested.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome To My New Career Move

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Tragedy that no one is talking about

They're Mormon and believe that all the gays are going downstairs to hell. Despite having two gay children in their 'flock', I wonder how people actually reconcile their beliefs with suicide. In catholicism suicide is a mortal sin basically akin to murder.

It's so horrifying that people still actually believe that because you are gay that you are sent to hell. Welcome to the official answer that fucking Donny Osmond gives on his website. Roseanne Bar of all people has been blogging about this and now is issuing an apology after her blog apparently got back to the Osmonds. But I just hate to think of this poor man's life wasted because he was gay and thought he was unworthy to live. Every gay person has felt that in one incarnation or the other. This is a perfect example of how religious beliefs can destroy a persons life. What a waste.

This has been one of the less articulate posts in a while, but hey, it's a post and practice makes perfect right?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moratorium Rally at Jefferson there or be square

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The Official Community of Rufus Wainwright

The Official Community of Rufus Wainwright

Hello all:


Once again through the treacherous pitfalls of a full year have most of us made it, gasping for air and grabbing at threads in order to prop ourselves up again on the icy edge of the eternal precipice in order to repeat the thrust, and fling our fragile selves yet again down the everlasting chutes of peril. For a moment we stand, exhausted and confused with no idea of what's up or down, but still miraculously we have the insatiable drive to go on despite imminent treachery and destruction.

Obviously, as you all know, I've had quite a time of it the last few months and am still reeling from the various gargantuan events which have pockmarked my life: death, birth, opera and Obamacare are but the few iceberg\asteroids pirrouetting about my weary head. So it is with great fanfare and relief that I announce the onset of yet another Blackoutsabbath cycle, first a small intimate concert Sunday March 14th at the beautiful Park Avenue Armory (when I say intimate I really mean it: it's only Martha and I) and then subsequently down the road on the 19th of June, the official Blackoutsabbath Day 2010, when we can all switch everything off and enjoy a day for a day, no power, only time of which there is always so little.

The program, much like the fantastic Stanford White architecture of the space, will be decidedly European. Martha will sing Piaf and I (drum roll please).............will sing the entire Berlioz song cycle, "Les Nuits d'Ete." Now, this later announcement comes with a warning - let me explain.

I don't consider this first run through of Hector's massive work as the official premiere of yet another daunting move I'm making in the world of classical music. If anything, it's a bench mark set to aid the rise of this gnarled bud that one day will see the light of day and blossom into a full blown lugubrious other words, I'm going to make a lot of mistakes.

So pop down, or most likely pop up. It's in the afternoon and hopefully we can enjoy some daring old music and not freeze to death. Love, Rufus.