Saturday, January 13, 2001


Well today is Valentine's Eve, and I am going to go and set up the Valentine's Eve Day concert with Richard, and going to bartend at that event tonight. He told me that it wasn't a money making venture, but that's okay. I have a check coming in from Spherion and I just got a call from Kelly to work at a Sprint job, but I think I want to hold on and wait as long as I can, because I think this Spherion law firm job might just turn out, I had a good feeling in the interview that I had on Monday. And hopefully the background check that they do will turn out fine and I'll be able to work at that law firm. That would seriously rock my tits off. I am also waiting for this report from Chexsystems because I tried to open up a bank account, two weeks ago, and the woman said that I wasn't able to open one up because there was still a NSF check on my record, so I had to call this 800 number, and request a report, that has a second 800 number on it, but the report has not come in the mail, so I'm getting quite annoyed. I really want to get a bank acccount, because otherwise, I just spend all my money. Shocking, I know. But as long as I realize my problem, that's the first step!
This page may look a little bare right now, but I'm trying to put as much information as I possibly can on it right now. Not only that, I just started a Journal Page, so please feel free to browse that, and to see what is up with my new life in Kansas City