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Where are my BABIES where are my babies where are my babies??

Quite possible: best series ever

This particular episode features Sylvia the ex soap opera actress (you would have never known) alcoholic who has lost her children due to the alcohol use. My favorite part is where she says "where are my babies?" over and over again. It's right around 13min30sec.

I don't mean to revel in these people's misery, it must be a terrible process to go through to detoxify after you've been drinking in the magnitude as she has. The whole show is basically a train wreck. It's an amazing testimony to the force of love and hope. Still, the train wreck is so hard NOT to watch.

Remember This?

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I have the honor Madam...

I am and forever will be enamored with the Queen of England. What I wouldn't do just to have a conversation with her. It all started in high school (1990 or so) when I wrote to her regarding the subject of her children. I was writing to say how poorly I felt about Charles divorcing Diana. Hindsight being 20/20 I can now say that what I should have written would be something along the lines of...Because of your asshole of a son couldn't get over the fact that he'll never ascend to the crown, and that Diana was the more popular of the two, and the royal family in general hated Diana from the beginning. She was sick, getting sicker and your son deserted her into the abyss of depression, anorexia, and bulimia. (this was all of course before Diana died and Charles married that horse of a woman Camilla Parker Puke.) forward about 13 years or so and Bush declares a preemptive war on Iraq and I thought then what I think now: What a flipping psychotic war criminal. So I set out to do the only thing I could do...start a letter writing campaign to the leaders of the world asking GWB to resign immediately. I got a response from the South African Office of the Presidency and Buckingham Palace:

one of my favorite peices of etiquette is from the royal website:

If you wish to write a formal letter, you can open with 'Madam' and close the letter with the form 'I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant'.

Ok ya, the only redeeming thing about this family is Prince Harry *drools*

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omaha steaks


Someone thinks so much of you they are sending you only the best!
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speaking of STEAKS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT......

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Gaga over HRH

Blogging Past And Present

I've had a love hate relationship with blogging. I used to be completely obsessed with blogging when I had my own domain. That domain has been through many different incarnations. Most of the incarnations have had a journal or some type of blog, starting in 2001. Check out this link to give you an idea of how much of this is online. I think alot of people don't realize that when you acquire a domain, or even a blog, everything....I mean....everything that you post online will be there for your lifetime and past your lifetime. I had to learn this lesson the difficult way in an episode that involved a teacher, a blog post that I copied an email of a friend, and interstate law enforcement. Nothing ever happened as a result of that story but it certainly freaked the hell out of me. Now I put privacy controls on my blog, and on facebook because you never know who is going to be reading the crap that (me, everyone) posts online. If I ever write in a negative light about someone I make sure that my story is not only factually correct, but most of the time I decline to even make a comment. The last personal comment I made about a specific comment was actually in the last post about the bigot I work with.

Looks as if Vince and I are going to be staying in Kansas City for Christmas and New Years. I'm the new guy on the totem pole at work, so I really can't request a big night like NYE so soon. I know this for sure, I sure am going to request the weekend, plus a couple of days when we go camping next year in Colorado. A bunch of my old college friends are getting together, coming from all corners of the country to get together for a rockin camping weekend. I'm getting excited about that, but it's not for about six months. Speaking of time, Vince reminded me the other day, that in about 3 months into 2010 it's going to be a year that we'll be together. I love him so much, this relationship is the best I've ever's everything that my past relationships weren't. I know inside we'll be together forever.Here's a pic of us walking in Chicago...I love this pic.

Wicked Cool: Idina Menzel Is in Talks to Join Glee - E! Online

Wicked Cool: Idina Menzel Is in Talks to Join Glee - E! Online

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Robert Gibbs, April Ryan and DADT

Well one of the things that inspired this blog entry was this White House Press Briefing where Robert Gibbs has a very unprofessional and sort of assholish reaction to White House veteran reporter April Ryan...who gets all sanctimonious about a really REALLY stupid question about the social secretary and if she's 'invited' herself to the state dinner? Really April? is that what you're getting all huffy about? But back again

at the same briefing, Gibbs was asked about DADT by a resourceful Advocate reporter:

Q Some people have analyzed the number of troops available to deploy and said that sending 30,000 troops is tantamount to deploying nearly every U.S. Army brigade possible. Given that about 10,000 soldiers are already in stop-loss, do you know where Defense Secretary Gates is with his review of softening the discharges on "don't ask, don't tell"?

MR. GIBBS: Well, I have not heard an update from the Secretary on that. I know that obviously the President wants that policy changed. In terms of -- I mean, obviously it's not just Army. This is Army and Marines, as well as -- well, Army and Marines. They are -- this was very specifically asked in terms of whether force flow options would interrupt either Marine or Army policies that have been instituted to give longer breaks for tours of duty and then return home. The Joint Chiefs, to a commander, all told the Commander-in-Chief that they could meet the force requirement without interrupting what they had instituted in order to provide that time at home and away from the tour of duty.

Q But the troops are stretched thin. I mean, it's not --

MR. GIBBS: No doubt. And I think that the President was very clear in wanting to see the Joint Chiefs to, quite frankly, ask them very directly whether that was the case. There's no doubt that there has been for many, many years a strain on our forces; that that strain has caused repeated tours. And only recently has Secretary Gates and others instituted policies that ensure that we had time outside of a theater of war and that they believe was necessary to maintain an all-volunteer force, which they think obviously is tremendously important, as well as just dealing with the stress physically and mentally on them.

He screwed April Ryan and then he totally dismissed this pertinent question with a non-answer. I realize that he is now sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and I'm not real pleased with that decision and obviously the Obama administration isn't making DADT a big priority, ya he gave the directive to 'investigate' what it would take to end the policy... but in terms of real authentic stopping the ruining of thousands of dedicated American lives by this horrific policy hasn't happened. Neither has EDNA. Ya they passed the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act. It would be nice to have legislation that's not predicated on the violent outcomes of hatred but you know hey, that's just me. I agree with and totally endorse the recent DNC boycott that a bunch of prominent gay blogs have started. Count me in on that one.

Oh ya, and I work with a bigot. Plain and simple. I would go and put more personal details, but it's really not about that at this point. I have no vendetta with this dude, the sad part is that he's probably queer himself and hates himself so much that he has to act out re:gay things....but really? it's 2009 going into 2010 someone being gay that big of a hurdle?