Tuesday, April 30, 2002



an email from Scott:

Many of you may already know that my mother passed away on Sunday. I am out in Cimarron Kansas with my family this week. I thought I would provide you with the details as they stand now.

Helen Irene Wallace
Age: 66 Died: Aplril 28, 2002
Place of Death: Dodge City, Ks, Western Plains Medical Complex
Residence: 17605 L Road, Cimarron Ks, 67835
Born: April 9, 1936 Birth Place: Abbeyville Kansas
Born to: Frank and Hazel Kittle
Occupation: Homemaker
Memberships: Various bowling leagues in Cimarron Ks.

Place of Visitation: Swaim Funeral Chapel
Date and Time of Visitation: Family will recieve friends 5 - 8 PM May 2, 2002
Funeral Service: 10:30 AM Friday, May 3, 2002 Cimarron Church of the Nazarene
Minister: Rev. Jim Bond
Memorial Fund: Helen Wallace Memorial Fund
Cemetery: Cimarron Cemetery, Cimarron, Kansas

Obit: She was born in rural Abbeyville, Ks, grew to adulthood in Gray County as she moved to Cimarron when she was 5 years old. Graduated from Cimarron High School. She married Milton LeRoy Wallace on October 2, 1955 at Cimarron, he survives. She was employed as a school bus driver for 28 years for USD #200 Tribune and also USD #102 Cimarron. She enjoyed bowling, playing on the computer and visiting friends and family. She was also a member of various bowling leagues in Cimarron. She was preceeded in death by her parents and one infant son, Robert Griffin Wallace.

Survived by:
Husband, Milton Wallace of Cimarron, KS
Daughter Ronda Kay Wallace of Dodge City, KS
Son Brian Dean Wallace of Cimarron, KS
Son Mark LeRoy Wallace of Wheeling, IL
Son M. Scott Wallace of Kansas City, MO
Brother Chester "Bill" Kittle of Auburn WA
Brother Glenn Kittle of Valley Center, KS
Brother Robert "Bob" Kittle of Heartwell, GA
Sister Marilyn Russell of Gulf Port MS
Sister Martha Sapp of Fort Providence, NWT, Canada
Sister Cleo Summerville of Chanute, KS

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Oh dear lord, I took that Dizzy the duck file off there because after I downloaded it and threw it up there and I played it, I realized that it was more than 12 minutes long. Woops. So if you want a copy, email me. Issue no 1.) Do you ever hear the stuff that I put up here for you? I would love to think that people come to this journal and click on the links of the .mp3 files and perhaps get a moment of joy in their day, but that is, I'm sure wishful thinking? Just tell me...do YOU ever listen to those files? Please email me and tell me that you do 

I just keep on thinking about the Arturo Sandoval concert and what a wild show it was. It was just so cool to see somone have so much fun up there on the stage. It was like he was a little boy in a candy store and had the run of the place. Just a great show. I've spent the good part of the weekend with the patient. I have to say that even though I had renounced myself to be alone for the rest of my life clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels, after that whole homeless episode, things are turning out quite nicely with him. I thought well maybe I shouldn't get involved with anyone, maybe I should be alone, so that I can work on myself and everything that surrounded that whole thing. Frankly, I think that I've worked through as much as I could possibly do in the time period that I've had. I think that I've done quite well for myself. I was having a conversation over im the other day, and if I recall correctly he was trying to say that in the last few months I have been trying to hurt myself and that I have been self-destructive. Now, perhaps right in the start of the 'breakup/rebound/' period I probably was being self destructive, trying to express the sheer amount of emotion after a failed relationship. I think that's fairly normal....well maybe expressing the emotions, and not the self destructive part. I think that I've worked through a ton of shit that I needed to go through, and I'm doing quite well here in Kansas City. I may not have tons of money, I may not have the best car in the world, but who cares about all of that stuff? At least I'm trying right? In church today the talk was about living your life, and trying to do something you've always said that you wanted to do, and actually doing it. The woman pastor got up (after apparently having an enormous fear of singing in public) and sang a song in front of the congregation and conquered her fear, and just did it. It was a marvelous moment. If I have any aspirations it would be to: 

Write a book (I work on that every day here in this journal....keeping writing, and keeping my writing voice fresh and crisp)

Travel more frequently: Well....along comes the money issue. No need to further expunge on that issue

I've always wanted to take up the guitar, so I can go anywhere and be a one-man show! I have always said that if I were ever stranded on a deserted island somewhere I would never get bored. I can sing. I have all of this music running around in my head and while I can sing the pants off any Joe off the street, it would be nice if I could accompany myself. Same goes for the piano.(not that deserted islands are known for their piano bars)

I've always wanted to buy a house, or build a house for that matter. Or, jut to have some property of my own you know? It could be a farm house in Montana, as long as I have a fax and a DSL. Ever seen that movie?

(along the same lines) I've always wanted to start a farm/compound for retired circus Elephants. Have you ever seen the way that they treat those poor animals? Oh god, I feel a rant coming on, but I'll spare you.

I've always wanted to be elected to congress as a Senator. WOOOOHOOOOOHAAAAHAAA......oh dear, that was a good one.

Well, that's at least a start, dontchya think?

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Arturo Sandoval

Can you say Arturo Sandoval? I can! Just came back from the symphony concert, and that track is perfect for the experience that Scott and I just had. I can't get this music out of my head. I've been an insomniac for the last couple days, and especially after this type of show, I won't be able to sleep. I just want to go back to the 720 with Leila and Yvette!!! NOW! Try this too

Thursday, April 25, 2002

yeah baby, slipping the wife the tongue

ok this is me writing in 2011 right now. I, of course forgot about this particular entry and it makes me sad to read it. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a pretty funny entry, it just made me sad for a little bit because I miss Cindy.

Social and business events happen exactly as planned. Realize your goals by making them appear as accidents. Libra hates to make a fuss, but he or she won't complain about being the center of attention.

So let's re-cap Tuesday night for you. Went to rehearsal a bit early after going to the downtown Starfucks (iced venti quad white chocolate mocha breve) and watching the coolant pour out of my car like it had broken it's water. Rehearsal was fine, I actually had to give my ex some loose cd's back. So going out after rehearsal turned out to be more of an adventure than I had originally planned. I asked the wife if she could follow me to the bar, because I wasn't sure what my car is up to, and lo and behold, my engine light flipped on, and then after a while, my emergency brake light when on too (don't laugh it's an 83 Chrysler remember?) I decided to thwart plan a and go for b. I jumped out and let wife know that I was just going to go home, and asked her if she could take me to the bar and back afterwards. Get home, show wife my pad, she adores it. Proceed to the bar, where there are apparently two New Orleans faeries performing. Got to meet them, and got to talk to a guy named Collins, who was a friend of my ex's, a longitme supporter of the chorus, who I run into everywhere I go. It's just one of odd things. So, I was a bit happy at this point and not that I remember any of this, but Cindy took me home and I kissed her and apparently tried to slip her the tongue. Another angle of this is being composed at time of print from the wife. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.
Okay, here you go:
The Wife's Journal Entry
William K. Rosen has asked me to write my account of what happened on the evening of April 23, 2002. I'm hesitant because it is two days after the fact and not fresh in my mind and also because while the incident is not as fresh, the suffering and angst are.

My evening with William K. Rosen aka Wild Bill, Billy, One and Only Gay Husband, Bill, started out peacefully at approximately 6:30 pm, Grace Cathedral, Kansas City, MO. We had gathered for our weekly Heartland Men's Chorus rehearsal. I was seated at a table at the south end of the rehearsal hall working on a very detailed and important assignment for Executive Director Rick Fisher. Billy came down to visit. He seemed pleasant, coherent, and in full control of his faculties. He gave me no reason for concern or to think that anything untoward would happen before the evening was over. 

I left rehearsal at approximately 6:55 to attend my Comedy City rehearsal, returning at approximately 9:15 to rejoin the Heartland Men's Chorus and to rendezvous for the previously scheduled outing to Missy B's. (Ed. Note: Belle Starr is beautiful, but Cindy Bixby is one whale of a lot cuter and nicer.) At the end of rehearsal, Billy came up to me and explained that his car was having issues - some cockamamie story about it leaking large amounts of fluid and the engine light coming on. I had no reason to suspect that this story was simply a lure to get me to take him in my car. He asked me to follow him to Missy B.'s. I agreed. Part way to Missy B's he took an alternative route, but again I was not concerned. He then stopped at a light, jumped out of his car and asked me to follow him home and then take him back to Missy B's. Again I had no reasons to be concerned. 

Once at his house he asked me to come in and I did so. He did get somewhat insistent that I come in, but I thought he was just proud of his house. He then suggested on more than one occasion that I come in and see his bedroom. Looking back on it, this should have been a large red flag, flapping in the wind, to the point of fraying, but at the time it all seemed innocent enough. I was not privy to his design of desire. I went into his bedroom, staying as close to the door as a lady should when visiting a gentlemen's bedroom. Again, I had no way of knowing that William K. Rosen was NO gentlemen. 

We left his home and drove back to Missy B.'s where he proceeded to pull out a large sum of money and flash it in my face - then say in a suggestive manner, "Why don't you just buy me a couple of drinks?" Again, with hindsight I've come to realize this was all part of his plotted seduction scene. Throughout the evening he flitted about me like a little honey bee, asking me early on if I would give him a ride home. Again, I agreed. I had no idea was was to follow. I did tell him that Mr. Davis and I would be leaving early - by midnight - because we had early morning responsibilities. He said that would be OK and he would just go when we did. Yes, I know, bells should have been going off in my head, but he just kept smiling at me in that cute puppy dog way he has. 

At one point I left the safety of my fellow chorus members to sit on the lower level and listen to the band. Looking back I should not have been surprised that Mr. Rosen followed me and sat down at my table - presumably to talk. Again, aided by hindsight, I now realize that "talk" was not at all what he had in mind. 

Later in the evening he came and asked me if he could be my one and only gay husband. Since I've always been fond of Billy and since I don't already have a gay husband, I agreed. It seemed like a show of support from one chorus member to another - albeit I am a non-singing member. He continued to come back to my table and remind me that I had agreed to this. 

At approximately 1:40 am, I realized it was midnight and told Billy we were going. As we left, he began to tell me how much he loved me. Mr. Davis, my true protector, asked if I would be alright and did I want him to take Billy or to follow me. Since I knew Mr. Davis had an early flight the next morning, I too hastily waived his kindly offers aside. 

At one point in the parking lot Billy was nearly hit by a car and in his distracted passion cursed the driver a bit. Then, much to my shock, and in front of Mr. Davis, he began pleading to have my child. Again, I thought it was the senseless ramblings of a near accident victim who had faced down death and lived to whine about it. 

I was not prepared then for the advances that he made when he arrived at his home. First, it was our customary peck goodbye, but this quickly turned into a series of pecks - at one point one peck went to my neck. I thought he'd just slipped. When I lifted his head up he approached for yet another kiss, putting light, but definite tongue pressure on my lips. I recoiled in shocked horror and encouraged to leave my car. I thought he realized what he did, but now am led to understand that he is claiming that he doesn't remember the whole latter part of the evening. 

Perhaps, but I think maybe a certain Mr. Rosen is worried about exactly how gay is he and maybe concerned that his reputation as a gay man is ruined. I have no intention of telling anyone about this incident - except for John, my fiancĂ©e - oh yes, and my good friend Mr. Davis - and of course, my secretary overheard my part of a phone call with Mr. Rosen the day after. But other than that - oh yeah my Mom will probably get a kick out of hearing about it. And I think it is only fair to warn everyone else in my section - and this will require a copy of this statement be sent to all Heartland Men's Chorus Board Members and in triplicate to Rick Fisher, Exceutive Director. Oh, and immediately afterwards I stopped at Texas Tom's for a Diet Pepsi and I told the guy who took my order, but I see that more as trauma counseling. I also write columns for the Paradise Trailer Park Tabloid, The Pea Picken Daily, and I do think I might base an advice question or a column on the incident, but other than that - silence. Ok, maybe I should tell everyone at Missy B's in case he asks them for a ride home , but after that, my slips are sealed! (Unless Richard Held and I get chummy!) Oh, did I mention I'd already e-mailed the entire Radical Fairy movement members? Including one Mr. Wolfgang , previously an admirer of our Bill. 

Cynthia Bixby 

Monday, April 22, 2002

Earth day is everyday

Iced coffee and cigarettes, this is what I'm talking aboot. Saturday, did some research into some other freelance types of things for work, and then went over to Scott's. Went to a chorus couple's cookout (even though it had to be a cook-in because of the hail and tsunami conditions) and had a great time. Saw a bunch of chorus guys and whooped it up till late in the evening. Sunday started out with Scott going to church and me sleeping in. He picked me up afterwards, and we went out to brunch with a bunch of friends. Returned to his place, and helped him paint his room (ie, sanding, primer) for his upcoming surgery. We ate with his roomates, and then I left to go home, and then he came over and watched Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk. QAF was a rerun, and I could only assume that SFU was too, as it was the Christmas episode. Brilliant nonetheless. Go find out what kind of environmental footprint you leave on this Earth.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Guess what came in the mail today

Songs Selected by: Jhames
The Sex Mix
Sex and Violence Can Be Sexy
1. Arling and Cameron - Don't you Fuck
2. Cyclob - Sex Machine
3. Buzz Poets - Sex
4. Lords of Acid - Rough Sex
5. Girls Against Boys - Kill The Sex Player
6. Amon Tobin - Bad Sex
7. Bright Eyes - The City Has Sex
8. Janes Addiction - Sex is Violent
9. Berlin - Sex
10. Circle Jerks - Group Sex
11. DJ Assault - Sex on the Beach
12. Atari Teenage Riot - Sex
13. Peaclies - Hot Pink Hot Sex Sex
14. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - The World of Sex
15. DJ Sneak - Tribal Sex
16. Free Kitten - Sex Boy
17. Front Line Assembely - Sex Offender
18. Milemarker - Sex Jam Two Insect Incest
19. KMFDC - Sex on the Flag
20. The Cramps - Hypno Sex Ray
21. Daisy Chainsaw - Sick of Sex
This is track 15. Some of this stuff, I really do like, and I'll put it on my portable mp3 player, but the real heavy sort of goth/punk stuff I can handle for only a limited amount of time. I am totally keeping my mind open, as promised. I have a feeling that my cd will be met with the same type of skepticism. That's all good, as long as we both created and experienced some joy in making them and sharing. I think that's what it really boils down to: creating and sharing art.
Yeah, I figured as much. I got the pictures from the weekend of the show, and my p's came to KC. Here's me before the show, my momma and I, and schickymeister and I.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Everybody's searchin for a hero

The gay roller skate party was a hoot, saw a bunch of people that I knew, or got to know through the party, and skated like I was in sixth grade again. Only downside? Blisters. I only got one, thankfully. After the party, Scott and I left to go to my place, a quick costume change (ie: my serong and a Billie Holiday shirt) and then off. My wife and a couple of other people from the skate party were meeting us at the bar. and the wife asked me to sing her a song.....again. I knew it was going to be too high for me, because even though I'm a second flipping tenor, I sho a'int no Whitney Houston. It was great and I got through it. Cindy, this one is for you.

I also met a fan of my website. I mentioned that I had a website, and he said "you're Ohthebill?" and I said, yep, thats me. I was shocked and amazed to find someone who I didn't know, actually knew of it. YOU LOVE ME, YOU REALLY REALLY LOVE ME! It was cool, okay? Just let me have a moment. It may not seem like a big deal, but it made me happy, nonetheless.

Okay....I need to give the gay-icon-handicapped friend of mine a little edumacation. Jhames, listen and learn from momma. Oh yeah, on that note, I forgot to tell my fans that I have converted the entire bootlegg cd of Diane Schuur - live in Dayton to .mp3's, and now you, my peeps, can listen to her crank out some little ditties. Love that. I could burn you a copy and send it on down, but good luck trying to find it again.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Gay roller skating

Frustration turns to relief. At last you make some headway. An emotional bond happens where you were looking for an intellectual connection. Get back to someone whose calls you've been avoiding.

Hrm...that could mean so many things. Anyway, things have not been going too well. I am getting increasingly frustrated with my financial situation, and I'm getting to the point where desperation sets in. My cell phone is off (can't pay it) and I already owe my roomates money from last months bills, not to mention this month. I owe money to so many people/institutions I can't count them all, and now I'm thinking that I should just become a hooker. At least it would cover some of it. At least you can laugh at this. Oh yeah, I'm going to a gay roller skate party tonight, it's a fundraiser for one of the youth groups here in KC. Party's theme? Xanadu.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

We are the World

This may be a time of renewed promise. Act on a hunch, and you could watch your dreams come true before your eyes. Relationships begun today are likely to hold a place in history

I woke up today singing "We Are the World". Deranged, I know. I haven't been feeling too tip top these past few days, and I think it was because my stomach has been playing games with me for the last week or so, but that seems to have passed. "This too shall pass". Can I say how much I love the weather here in Kansas City? One word....gorgeous. Seems like a bit of summertime, but I know the truth, that this is the midwest, and once you get a beautiful stretch of weather like we've had, you get um, a tsunami later. I am on the track to the post office to send that fabulouscd off to Jhames. Rehearsal tonight, and the bah afterwards.

Monday, April 15, 2002

Weekend Re-cap

Great weekend. Saturday night turned out to be the most eventful. Scott and I went to this benefit/silent auction for the Free Health Clinic here in KC, and it turned out to be a great time. Saw a couple people from the chorus, and we actually bid on some items. They had a plethora of plates that local artists made, and there were a few that not a single person bid on, so we put down $10 on the sheets, and wound up getting three. I actually was involved in a bidding war with one guy for this one plate. It started at 10, then he upped-the-ante to 11.11, then I put 12, it was just so silly. Found out later, that this guy was actually the artist, but I prevailed and won the plate. Later we went to the new bar downtown called "Push". It wasn't that great, but Scott and I decided to make it official and take the next step in the logical course of our relationship, to call us boyfriends. WOO HOO. Went to church on Sunday morning, and it was a bore, then went out to eat. Back to Scott's house to get some great pictures scanned. Take a gander at: 
Diane and Jessie on New Years Day
Jason and Jessie's Christmas card picture
My two nieces Gabby and Jules
Schicky and I enjoying mimosas on New Years Day
my long lost friend Reuben and I, in Chicago
what are all these dogs climbing over me for?
Jessie and I
Schicky and I
and of course my favorite: Jessie and I

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention...I noticed the other day that I am climbing very close to 50,000 hits on OTB.com, I can't believe it. I'd like to thank the academy, Joni Mitchell, the Dalai Lama, and all you important people out there who I haven't mentioned. 
OH MY GOD, what was I thinking? I totally forgot to tell you, that my sistah Mary is pregnant with her first child. So weird, my sister is two years older than I and now she's gonna have a baby. I called my parents house Saturday afternoon, because my other sister Cara was visiting from Atlanta, and John and Mary were up from Decatur visiting them while they were up, and had some great news! I am going to be uncle OhTheBill AGAIN!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002


Emmylou was a brilliant as I thought she would be. She just sauntered on stage and played for two and half hours. Her voice was amazingly clear and crisp, and the way she turned a phrase that could make your knees turn into jello. I was shocked and amazed when she started talking about September 11th, and said that she was called to sing for a dedication, and she sung a song thatHMC has sung before. Brilliant version, brilliant woman. She was just so unassuming, and it was so wonderfully refreshing to hear someone who could just put on a show, with only the help of one other guitarist and a woman doing some percussion. That was it. So simple, and yet so profound. She also made a crack that went like this "It's so nice to come to cities where there are theaters that have some history.....instead of making everything into a starbucks", I just laughed. Got some great pictures. Afterwards S(2) and I went out to the bar to meet the guys in the chorus, and a great time was had. Can I tell you how much I love Cindy? She is hysterical, and I want to marry her. She asked me to sing her a song, so I sang her "America" by you know who. I just love her.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Good news, or at least not bad news. Just talked with my good ol friend Dayvid who, if you remember had some drama in his personal life. Turns out that his brother survived the heart attack, but is living in denial about it now. Apparently is still smoking like a chimney, and is going out every night, and refuses to even acknowledge what happened. Guess denial a'int just a river in Egypt right? David sounds great though, and everytime I talk to him, it's wonderfully refreshing to hear how good his life is. I made a plan to get back to Chicago in late June, so that should be scary enough. Thought about taking S(2) with, as he's never been to Chicago...or to boyztown. We'll see what happens. Don't have to work today but I'm running around town to do some errands before going to the symphony tonight. That should be enlightening. Shya! Oh yeah, on that whole tangent, I offer this...for my dear forbidden lover Leila
Leila's Rochester New York CD Extravaganza Experience
1.) I Believe (When I Fall in Love It'll Be Forever) - Stevie Wonder
2.) At Last - Etta James
3.) If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens
4.) Two Gold Rings - Rufus Wainwright (live)
5.) Toreano un Siglo - Lourdes Perez (remember when we saw her at that Sufferagette Sessions with the Indigo Girls?)
6.) Phenomenal Woman - Maya Angelou
7.) One Is The Magic Number (Redux) - Jill Scott (live)
8.) (The Night) Is The Right Time - Ray Charles (from the Cosby show when it was the grandparents anniversary and they were all dancing on the steps going upstairs, and Rudy was singing BABBEEE.....BABEEEEEE......BABEEEEEE)
9.) I Sing Just to Know That I'm Alive - Nina Simone
10.) Mountains of Things - Tracy Chapman
11.) My Love, Sweet Love - Patti LaBelle
12.) Seasons of Love - Stevie Wonder
13.) Complainte de Butte - Rufus Wainwright - Moulin Rouge
14.) Livin for the City - Ray Charles (this is so great....Stevie Wonder cover, but listen to the middle of it where he talks)
15.) The Show Must Go On - Queen with Elton John
16.) He's Got the Whole World (in His Hands) - Judy Garland and Liza Minelli
18.) Piano Man - Billy Joel & Elton John (live)

These are all tracks that I know that Leila loves, and some new ones added on top of that. David said that he is preparing a box set for me...and I'm scared. The new live Rufus Bootlegg is apparently two cd's in itself, and he knows exactly what I like and dislike..so I'm jazzed about that.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Somebody took my horse!

Somebody took my horse!

Oh my god, I had a dream last night where I was the keeper of a horse, and I was trying to keep it calm and I was in a crowd of a thousand people it seemed, and we were all walking forward to I don't know where, and the horsey wanted to go the opposite way, so I followed him, and we were at the back of the line. So the horse was walking to the right, and these two guys came up to me and said "go this way, it's brute!" For some reason I followed them with my horse, and we had to walk up all these stairs on the right side of the building that we were in. Get up to the top, and there's a hallway, and the guy says "here, let me handle her, I'm a professional blah blah...something about horses" so I let him, and he brings the horse to the left side of the hallway, where there is a sort of a drape on this section of the hallway, so he walks the horse through that, and it's gone! They're trying to steal my horse! They run off, and I run after them, and now it turns into a Bruce Lee movie. I am chasing one guy with a camera, but the other guy runs off into the way-off corner of the factory that we've ran to. So, at least for now I have to devise a plan on what to do. Oh yeah, in this factory that we're in, there are thousands of aquariums of delicate, rare fish. (I can only surmise that they are being sold on the black market, and I need to destroy them), I'm so pissed that they took my beautiful horsey, that I dump one of the aquariums and throw it into one of the massive sized aquarium, and it's like that scene from Mission Impossible II, just a wall of water comes pounding down. So I repeat this process a couple of times, and then as I'm laying down on the ground I see the factory door open up, and one of the guys that took my horse walk through, so I wait till he walks a ways down, and jump up, grab a stick, and go after him....and then I woke up. I never did get my baby back dammit.

Don't have to work today, and it's still not warm enough to take my sogay.com bike out.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Stories from the weekend

Stories from the weekend

So you want full disclosure, is that it? Well ok

If you are a member of my family who doesn't like sexual content, SKIP THIS ENTRY, but if you do, then you'll like this entry.

So, there are so many details to this story about Saturday night, I'll try to be as clear as I can, but it might prove to be just confusing. Went to a party that a chorus member was having. This is Saturday, by the way. Had to work till 11pm, and then afterwards, hopped on over to the parlay. Got there and it was S(1)'s party. Saw a bunch of the chorus girls and a really hot couple that were not in the chorus. Drinks were flying, and the party was in full swing. My roommate shows up and is entirely drunk, and then he starts talking about the video that S(2) and I made the other day...says he found it on the computer and viewed it. He is announcing this in front of the hot couple, and a bunch of the chorus guys. Then the hot guy S(3) says to me, "seems as though you have a deep throat talent" and I say "Sure do", and I thought nothing was going to come of it. The hot guy S(3) goes over to get a drink, and I follow. I offer the hot guy S(3) a blowjob, and he immediately accepts, sez "let's go upstairs". Get into the bathroom upstairs and I go to work. We were there for about five minutes when the door to the bathroom SLAMS open, and it's the hot guy's S(3) boyfriend, and a pack of wolves (consisting of all the chorus members that were in on that previous conversation about me sucking cock) in the background. I stop, am totally freaked, and the boyfriend sez "Oh, I guess you two want to be alone". That is enough of a buzz kill to stop me from finishing it, I go downstairs and have a cigarette out on the porch. If that wasn't crazy enough, later in the party S(2) was a little drunk, and whipping out his cock, (that is featured so promininently in the vid) and letting the hot guy S(3) grope it, and S(2) is making out with the hot guys S(3)'s boyfriend. Things are getting out of hand at this point, and my roommate says, "why don't we just go back to our (mine and his) place, and you guys can fuck, and I'll video it. We all agree, and leave. There was a HUGE accident on 39th street, so we had to divert to Westport Rd, and all the bars were letting out at that point, and the traffic was unbelieveable. So it's the roomate Jason, S(2), and the hot guy S(3), and his boyfriend, all driving over to my house. S(2) and I get there after Jason, and the two boys never showed up. S(2) and I had a good time though.

Full disclosure enough for you?

Why am I up so early?

Had a great Easter. Went to the Unity church on 103rd for the 11am service, it was brilliant. I really enjoyed it, saw Nancy Nail for the first time in a long time, she sounded wonderful. Went to brunch with Schicky and Jessiebear, and then sprinted off to work. S came over after work, and we both promtply fell asleep, he was so sweet. I don't know what I'm going to do with him, I am enamoured with him. The one thing that I took from the service yesterday was: My negativity has outlasted its usefulness