Thursday, February 28, 2002

You know where I'll be after I get off of work tonight? With my fabulous birthday gurl, but before I do that I must buy my wonderful friend a fabulous birthday gift.

My only comment to the last line of this is....DUH!, is this not the same organization that gave Milli fucking Vanilli the "Best New Artist" Grammy?

Got my refund check back from H&R baby, thankyouverymuch. At least I can pay my rent, and more importantly eat, now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Why...but why?

You're entitled to your opinion, but nobody needs your permission. Instead of taking initiative, Libra does his or her best work enabling others. Decorate your space with mementos of your good deeds.

So the boy and I talked and it's on, rather than off. That's one thing I can give him credit for at least, that he talks things out with me, and wants to resolve situations like this. He and I have had a couple situations where it seemed as if it was going to crumble, and then we talk through it, and then it's works out, and I wind up laying on his shoulder, and snuggling against him like a puppy. He's a great snuggler, too :-) 

So, I was on the and was so amused by this that I had to save it. I mean for the love of Liza already. Have to work from 2-9pm today, at the fucks, so I must cut this entry short. Full disclosure seems to be the topic of the day. No, I won't hold out on all of my fans, I am DEVOTED to all my fans.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Day off, errands and such

Your ambitions sit in the palm of your hand for the next few days. In the best of worlds, Libra advances too quickly to make ripples. At the very least, leave behind a paper trail for those who need proof.

I love driving around in a car with no heat when the temperature resembles Antarctica. I'm sure all I need to do is get my thermostat replaced, it takes about five minutes, and I just need to get it done! Needless to say that I got my taxes done today, they're all sent out, and I'll get a check in a couple of days. Cool thousand something, gotta love that. The only major thing that I need to do today is go to rehearsal and make a major decision about how I am going to handle the Europe trip. I might have to cancel, but if I play my cards right, I can figure out a way that I can still go. I have rent from the taxes, but it's the whole next payment thing, that's got me worried. I should just realease it, and let the universe take care of it right? 

Seems as though the boy doesn't want to date me anymore, too. He just left me an nice, neat, sterile, email this morning to the effect of "Bill, I don't know if it's a good idea for me to be dating. We'll have to have a conversation later, thanks." I just simply replied, "nice to be talking about this over email, makes it really personal, eh?" and left it at that. Reminds me of a story of when I had my first major relationshp with a man, and he broke up with me over the PHONE!!. Called to tell me that he had been seeing a 40 year old for three months, and just wanted to be honestwith me. Oh well, it's not like I invested much energy in this dating thing. I just think it's sort of bad form, to leave an email like that. Bad form indeed. I'm sort of going crazy myself, I have this show coming up, this rockin ass new job that I am going to start working many more hours at, so everybody in the world is hoo. We've had issues in the beginning of the whole 'dating/seeing' thing that I haven't even begun to expunge on in this journal. I won't go there. I've been thinking about this whole concept, even aside from this dating issue, about full disclosure. I really want to start coming out with alot of stuff, but I just haven't. There's a lot of shit going on my life that I don't talk about in this journal, and it would be nice not to edit myself, because isn't that the whole point of full disclosure? So I wrestle with that, but then I know that there are some of my fans who would, a bit that the word that I want to use? No, just a bit shocked...I would imagine. Well, just suprised at some of things that go on. I could start doing that, and it seems like much more fun. We'll see how it happens.

Talked to Jason from Howard Brown and for some reason he's having problems getting the test to me. He's sending another one out, and I'll call when I get it. That'll be brilliant, because when I get those results, I'll have peace of mind. Not that I don't have that now but it'll just be much more concrete to have those results in my hand. Oh, and I'm going to quit smoking after this pack of cigarettes.

Sunday, February 24, 2002

Gay Latin Extravaganza 

You might be the missing link between confusion and comprehension. Few others can see the connections that are so obvious to you. Be patient with those who are trying to match your stride.

Well things have just been too crazy. After having an interlude that I won't even go to on here, in the afternoon, met up with the boy. Dinner at a Mexican place downtown, then off to his place to powder-the-nose-to-get-ready-to-go-out sort of thing. (Read: listen to fabulous records whilst inahling.) Get to the place (the only reason we went here was because the boy had to talk to th owner about some next place) and it's an all latin bar that caters to drag queens, and has a drag show in a half an hour. We sit down, boy talks to some actresses that were there, and we start talking. K arrives later, and he is live entertainment, just a hysterical gurl. So the kicker is, that after dancing, and talking to a few people, it's last call and we are about ten people in the bar that remain. Someone invites us to an after party, and says "are you coming?" Somehow, in the madness, the boy and K decide to go to this after-party, and I, of course have to go along, because Jeff drove me to the bar, and actually picked me up at my place earlier in the evening. So we drive in K's little car with no brakes (read: grinding LOUDLY at every stop), to the ghetto of Kansas City. No, you think that Kansas City has no ghetto, but it's the Mexican ghetto we're talking about. Not that it was scary, but it was just..scary. Get to the party, they give us beer, and we sort of sit back and take it all in. Needless to say that we had to drag K out of there because he was dancing with the four feet guy that didn't speak very much English and the nelliest man I'd ever seen. Got back to the boys house and crashed. He made breakfast this morning, and that always astounds me, a man, making me breakfast. Gotta love it. Have to say, the more time I hang out with the boy, the more I am attracted to him, even though some people (read: from Denver) think it's a daddy relationship, it just isn't. I don't see no ring on this finguh, and I sho a'int gettin no green from no daddy. Believe it. Came home at about 5pm, went to my Starfucks and got my schedule for this upcoming week. Monday, Wednesday, and I think Thursday...something like that. I'm freaking out, rent is due, and I'm short. It's the whole transition thing, between the pay periods. Why does everything always have to come down to lack of money? Am I always going to be po ass? I refuse the notion.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Cooperation and commonality return to the picture. Group members are eager to put a recent misunderstanding behind them. Look closely at a sample and then pass it around.

So I didn't put a entry on yesterday because I had to work yesterday, and the day was just non-stop. Got up...almost late for my early morning appointment, but I made it right in the nick of time. Got out, Schick rings, "meet me at the Corner Diner in Westport for lunch". Go to Westport, finally meet her. She's on the phone with her friends who were supposed to meet us there, it's her friends 50th birthday. Her friend doesn't want to come out all the way to Westport to meet us, so we decide to go out there. I had to work later in the day, so we stopped by my pad, I changed, then we took off to 87th and whatever in Overland Park. By the time that we get there, the woman who's birthday it was, had left. Didn't even see her. Trying to do a nice thing for someone, and you get fucked up the ass. After a great lunch, talked with my Momma for a brief minute, and then we went to the library. Get to the library, and of course Diane knows the whole staff, and about fifty of the patrons there. After a while, we had to leave an pick up Diane's daughter, Jessie. Let's take one car, pick up Jessie, then bring her back to my car, then all go to Starbucks where they can get a drink, and I can go to work. Work until 9pm, and I was doing fine. Get home, crash, talk to the boy...who was a little short with me on the phone, he was tired, busy week, boo hoo. This morning, Schick shows up with deli sandwiches for me and her, and then has to leave quickly because of an impending rehearsal. Gives me time to do some errands. Finally went to the fucking post office to get two things done. Mail a big 'ol package to Yvette, for her wedding, and get a stupid change of address form turned in. Both done, now I'm updating the journal, and I'm so tired, I might just take a nap. Did I tell you that I hate the fucking Olympics and couldn't care less if Michelle Kwan (whatever her name is) falls on her face.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Ray Charles Baby!!

Ray Charles Baby!!

Impulse drives you to act against your better judgment. Thanks to the new Pisces Sun, a strong unconscious motive shows up as an unexpected virtue. Start gathering a collection of things that you never knew.

Unfrickingbelieveable Ray Charles pictures. BAM!!!!! (they're sort of out of focus, because of the webcam, but just wait until I get them scanned....I have the originals!!!) Great picture of Diane and I when she came over today. The previous one is cute too. Put that picture of Diane and I up on my profile. I am in the process of getting these damm Ray Charles pics scanned for all my fans on the website, but I think I am going to handle it like I handled the Rufus pics, to get them, you must request them. I sho a'int gonna give those away, too precious!! Anyway, rehearsal tonight, and then early morning tomorrow....long story. Update afterwards. And buh-bye!

Dissed again by Jhames..why do I keep on trying? I knew he didn't like Rufus, and that song was not even FOR him, it was for me to listen to and feel the energy from. WHATEVER HOOKER!

Saturday, February 16, 2002

what would I do with a chicken anyway?

Be alert to malapropisms and misrepresentations. Your magnetic energy attracts all kinds of heavy business. Libra is tempted to relieve his or her anxieties at the table. Watch what you eat.
Yea, if I had any MONEY to eat, I would. But anyways. Haven't updated in while, and thought that I would tell you all that I started my new job at Starfucks tonight, and it was fabulous. I impressed them on how much I knew, and how I just wasn't a new girl on the block. They loved it (probably because they didn't have to start at a new person). Then I got home, made a few calls and heard, then read that my future ex-husband Jhames has had a really unfortunate experience. He was sort of short on the phone with me, and that's why. Hmmm mmm. Guess I'll just have to just listen to this and send Jhames my white light energy till then. Okay have to say this. After not seeing the boy today, I got sort of riled up FAMILY MEMBERS DO NOT READ THIS NEXT PART!!!! but you will anyway, I was searching through some porn that my roomate downloaded off of Kazaa, and I found this amazing clip, that I just had to share with you. Enjoy the late night-meal. And really, what would I do with a chicken anyway?
Pay your respects and then move on. Some situations only get worse when you give them more attention. It's time to remember what used to excite you. An old connection still carries a fresh charge.

The symphony was fabulous. Got there early, got a third row balcony seat. Can I just say that Anne Manson bores me to tears? She was explaining these symphonies to to the audience and I almost fell out of my chair, she was so boring, and saying 'uh'....' the middle of her sentences. So anyway, they did the first peice, modern, interesting..sort of boring. Then the soloist walked out. She was FABULOUS, she wore a sleeveless black shirt with sparkle things down the side, and wore fire red velvet pants. She looked as if she just walked from a dinner party, and just sort of sauntered on stage, and played this fabulous Bruch violin concerto. Then the kicker, gets a quasi-standing ovation, and then says "i've prepared an encore, would you like to hear it?" so irreverently, it was hysterical. Like 'well you know, i have this encore, and i'll play it if you want to hear it, but I have plans, so I have to get out of here, so i'll just do this Porgy and Bess" So she played "Bess, I's Your Woman Now", and walked off the stage. Hysterical. What a whirlwind. Went out with Schick afterwards, to the country-western gay bar. That was a kick for her, a straight soccer mom going to the gay country western bar. She loved it. I wanted to dance with her, but she wouldn't....slow dance even....what's the problem? She left after a while, and Kevin (read: boy's friend, new bartender and the reason that we are going to the country all) kept the drinks going. Craziness. Went to the boy's place, and now I have to work the last day at Barnes and Gnoble. Have to work with Flo too. Great.

Friday, February 15, 2002

I love all my gay fansh

You walk a tightrope between your own delights and the demands of others. Your focus is good for single issues, but multiplicity knocks you off your feet. Retain your honor with utmost sincerity.

So I went over to the boys house last night, and look what he gave me. That's not a very good representation of the picture, but I struggled to get even that. It's the picture from the beginning of the article in the new Vanity Fair. Article about Liza's new man, and her bouncing back after years of turmoil. New European tour, as I reported last month. Anyway, it's a great picture and I loved it. Goin to the symphony tonight and then out afterwards with Schick and the boy.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Valentine's Day, the dreaded holiday of single fags everywhere

oh the Valentine's Day, the dreaded holiday of single fags everywhere.
You want passion, but you may have to settle for something a little less carnal. Certain obligations must be honored today. Maybe after all the work is done, you'll have a chance to seek out the wild side.

Well, I worked today, so I got that out of the way...haa haa. Anyway, not a big entry, just some thoughts about this upcoming weekend. Friday; don't have to work, going to the symphony and out with Schick afterwards. Saturday; after working my last day at BN, thank you jesus, going to some gay bar, and watching latino drag queens. Sunday; going to Playing for Time again, with my co-worker Katie, and then going out to the Velvet Lounge afterwards for martinis. Should turn out to be a fabulous weekend. I love when it's all planned like that...beforehand.

So, the boy and I are going to spend some time at my pad, and then transfer over to his place, because I don't have to work tomorrow...woo hoo! That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Drama; and it sho a'int mine

Drama; and it sho a'int mine

You and the Aquarius Moon rise in a standing ovation. You're brilliant, spontaneous and probably in love. Match your previous deeds with a new round of spectacular accomplishments.

Well I don't know about that whole love thing. So I didn't put a journal entry last night after I got home from work, because I was still sort of emotional about the whole drama episode, and now I feel I can write about it. So, there was this huge drama at work yesterday, not involving me, but one of my co-workers Jenifer. She is this beautiful woman, about 24 or so. So I go to work yesterday, at 10am, and everything is fine. 4pm rolls around and the two people closing the cafe are supposed to show up. Little Megan shows up (we just call her little megan, because there's two Megans) and then Jenifer shows up a bit after that. I go to the back of the store to talk to Jenifer because I had heard from a co-worker that she was having a really rough time as of late. She looks tired, and like she had been crying. So I grab her, and we sit down and start to talk. She tells me about the guy that she is living with, and how he kicked her out on Friday and the whole story that goes along with this. Half way into the story, there is an urgent page on the intercom that says "Jenifer to the cafe, Jenifer to the cafe", but it's not a usual Megan page, she's like screaming it, and there is this urgency in her voice. So she and I book it to the cafe, and Megan says (well before I tell you that, one of our managers Sherry had Jenifer's boy with her, and they were just stopping in the cafe for something to drink, and then Sherry was going to watch Jenifers kid for the rest of the day) "Your boyfriend just took your child, and ran out of the store, and Sherry ran after him!!" Jenifer starts crying, I sprint outside, and find Sherry outside with the guy holding the 2 year old, arguing, swearing. She's like "call the police" so I ran back inside to call 911. They were already on the phone with the police, and then for some reason they wanted talk to the police. I talked to them, and then Sherry finally managed to persuade the guy to come back into the store. Now the man, clutching the 2 year old, is making this huge scene inside the store, asking for Jenifer, and we're all waiting for the fucking police to get there. This is the kicker. How long did it take the goddammed Missouri Police to get there? Not 5 minutes, not 10. How long? 45 fucking minutes. I couldn't believe it, I kept on saying, "what if someone was stabbed? would they come then?" After waiting forever for the stupid cops to show up, they get there, and talk seperately to each one, and long story even longer, the guy won. Whomever had physical posession of the child at that point (even though they weren't married, never were) he had the child, he got to leave with the child. It was just horrifying. There were stories that I heard about him, before all of this happened, that just scared me. Thats the story. So, she's going to get some emergency child protective order or whatever today, and I have no heard what has happened since.

Just talked with Jason from the Explore project in Chicago. I am going to take a Home Access HIV test, next week I think, as a part of this study. Long story, but I've been a part of this study for I think two years and I'm a remote participant in it. Go check it out at Howard Brown, because they are a great organization. Loved them when I was in Chicago.

Just talked to Schicky Baby and she just go the Ray Charles pictures, look for them soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2002

My blatant Jhames ripoff

My blatant Jhames ripoff

Number of items purchased from Wish List: 0

People are your weakness and your source of strength. You're outgoing, ready to borrow and happy to give. The moment is your personal kingdom. Triumph may be fleeting, but it's so very sweet.

Not sure what to think about that horoscope, but that sometimes happens, they just don't mean anything significant. So, I went to dinner last night with Larry and Doug, two friends from the chorus. We did Chineese at about 9pm or so, and then I just went home and cleaned up my pad a bit, and vegged in front of the t.v., watched, Broken Hearts Club even though I've seen it a million times. Provided some good laughs. After that, I just retired to my room, and started reading The Teachings of Buddha that I got at the discount pile at BN the other day. I also boughtYvette this great wedding planner book from Williams Sonoma, that was on discount, and a book for my friend Dayvid that I need to send to them.

Not working today, hrm what should I do with my day? I need to clean out my car, it's a pit of hell. Belinda was a bit mad at me, because she was flashing the 'engine' light at me, so I put some oil in her and now she's all better. You know those damm old cars, they are so picky! Was supposed to go see Sex in the City and Queer as Folk at the boiz house but the roomate is having some boys over, so I opted for that. Pizza and Queers, what a great combination. A couple sidenotes: I was thinking of transferring my journal onto the blogger page that I created a couple months back, but that would entail starting all over, and would be alot of work, and a lot of time that I just don't have. I never have two days off :-) So that's probably not going to happen. Tell me if you think I should, it is a much more sleek design, but who knows. No, I'm not a libra at all, I can always make up my mind. Next thing, at least in the online world, I am ex-free. Tonight I sent my ex all the stuff on my website that I hadn't gotten to,(pictures of his mother and her grandson, pictures of him..etc) so that is really all I have. In the process of moving, and going through all of my crap (which is really hardly anything at all...I got rid of so much stuff when I moved from Chicago) I still have a couple of things that are his, so I need to return those at rehearsal on Tuesday. After this week, I can truly say that I am ex-free.

Saturday, February 9, 2002

you brazen hussie

Saturday - February 9, 2002 | you brazen hussie

Surrender gracefully. This weekend belongs to someone else, and Libra is just the passenger or servant. Your duties should be complex enough to keep your mind from wandering onto dangerous ground.

Funny, I was just having this conversation with the boy last night. I was talking about how when I was living in Chicago, I was sort of on a really destructive path. Ask anyone who was close to me at the time, especially Vett. But now I feel like, even though I'm going throught his sort of rebound period in my life, that I am doing it in a positive way. I am making positive changes in my life, I'm taking care of my shit, and I am rocking out. I have good hair, that's all that matters really right? Tee hee. So I worked last night, and then went to the bar and met up with the boy, and the cast of thousands. Lots of inter-personal shit going on, and I have no part in it. Oh, well one of the characters came up to me (although, he's known as a bit of do I say this....psycho?) and said "Bill, I want to clear the air with you, you were really rude to me last week, you punched my chest and said "Get away from my friend, you conceited dick!" Now as much as that sounds like a beligerent comment that I might have made, for some reason, I take that with a grain of salt. Not only did it come from a guy who is coo-coo for Coco Puffs, but I remember the night that he was talking about, and I had no reason to be negative that night. I had just met the boy, and was with a rockin ass co-worker who I adore. What would have caused that? I am quite suspicious. Anyhoo, went to the bar, and it felt like I arrived at the party too late, and sort of felt on a different page then everyone else. Went home with the boy, and just when it seems like everything is going to fall apart, it resolves itself. Not my fault thankyouverymuch. Come home this morning to a roomate-free environment, but..who is that sleeping on the couch? It's some homeless guy. No, it's the roomates boy who woke up when I came walkin in. I met him the other night, but have no idea what his name is. I have two days off, and I'm going to utilize these two nights, and feed myself well, sleep well, and take care of the homestead a bit before I start this new job sitchyation soon enough.

The Queen, with great sadness, has asked for the following announcement to be made immediately: Her beloved sister, Princess Margaret, died peacefully in her sleep this morning at 6:30am, in The King Edward VII Hospital.

We have this stray kitty who I've been feeding, so it looks like we might adopt him. It's the neighbors kitty, but they leave him outside and don't feed him at all. It's so horrifying. So I bought him some food, and we'll nurse him back to health. Poor little lamb. 

I now have a fabulous wish list from Target. So buy me stuff already!
and while you're reading stuff, check out Dan Savage's - Savage Love I love his column!

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

longstanding project approaches completion. If the delivery date isn't today, it will certainly be soon. Stand up, have a good stretch, and contemplate what you'll do after it's all over.


So, yesterday I went to the boys theater and had one of the most profound theater experiences I've ever had. There's really no way of describing it, it moved me, it touched my entire being, and I'll never be the same. I cried the entire time, sometimes hysterically. So much so, that the woman sitting in the row behind me asked me "if I was okay?" Sort of funny. Went to Starfucks with Pierce, then on to rehearsal. Did I say that I loved this show yet? I don't think I have on this website. Okay, this is an excerpt from the Commissioned Peice "Two Flutes Playing". This song is called "With What We Have Had To Learn and it's hard to describe, but the chorus sings the text: (With what we have had to learn, we could heal the world), and the chorus repeats it over and over and over again, and at points, the narrator says this haunting text:

Once we were a great and glorious people. (chorus sings With what we have....etc.)
We were artists and dancers and poets and warriors.
Then our temples and holy places were destroyed.
Our love was reviled as an abomination.
We were hunted and tourtured for hundreds of years.
Like bundles of wood, we were burned at the stake.
The names we were called still shout in our minds.
In silence we lived, afraid to tell our stories.
We met in dark places, faceless, ashamed.
Defying death, we found each other.
Our lives were not whole, and yet we lived them.
We could not touch in the street, and we still can't.
We are dying again, in the blood of our wounds.
In the midst of this death, we are finding each other.
We are remembering our songs, we are showing our faces.

Then the chorus sings this text:

We are owning our power, we are owning our beauty
we are owning our wisdom, we are owning our bodies,
we are owning our visions, we are owning our heart-fire,
we are changing together.
We are healing the world...We are healing the world!

I can say that if this is any indication about this commissioned peice, it's going to burn the house down. There won't be a Folly Theater anymore, it will be reduced to cinders. Not to even mention the first part of the show, which are all beautiful love songs. Anyway, I'll stop ranting about that, because you want the dirt don't you? I know, you don't have to explain. So, after the fabulous rehearsal, went to the bar, and the boy met me there. He's just so sweet; after a couple of drinks, and chit-chatting amoungst the bitches of the chorus (you know who they are), he and I left. And he held my hand as we crossed the street....and said to me "you seem to like that". I did...and do like it :-) So that brings us to today.

Work today was irritating, and then after was even worse. I don't even know why it was irritating, it was just one of those days that I didn't want to put up with anything, I just wanted to reach over the counter and choke people. I don't know, sometimes you have a tolerance for the general public, and somedays, you don't. Anyway, get done with work and I was supposed to go to the Starbucks in Prarie Village, because I talked to the store manager earlier in the day, and she was going to go over all the benefits that went with the job, and all of the technical stuff that goes with it. Boo fucking hoo. Get to the store, and the woman isn't there. Call her on the cell phone: nothing. Now I'm getting pissed because this is the third time this woman has blown me off. The poor employees keep on apologizing to me, and they of course, don't know what to do about it, she's the store manager, and usually has things under control. So I know that I have the job there, it's just a matter of the paperwork, and now the manager woman is on vacation until next Tuesday, so it's in limbo until then. Pissing me off. Anyway, I should just release it. To my utter suprise, there was a note on my car from Schicky that said "at the music store across the street" so I got to visit with her for a good hour or so. Have I said how much I love her yet? Yaa, I know. So that brings me current, to 12:18am, typing in my journal, when I should be sleeping, but for some reason I keep on doing this online journal, but I love it, because I'm completely and hopelessley addicted to it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

what a trip

Rufus Does it again!

Volunteer for a task outside of your job description. The only way to break new ground is by getting out the shovel. The deeper you dig, the higher you soar. Carry today's gains and lessons over into the coming weeks.

Rufus Wainwright Fans.....

-Due to popular demand, Rufus's album Poses is being re-released February 12th including a bonus track of Rufus's version of 'Across the Universe' as heard on MTV2, VH1 and the film I Am Sam.

-The video for 'Across The Universe' is in rotation at both MTV2 and VH1. If you don't catch it there, watch it online -- click here for low band
or here for high band

-Rufus is contributing to the forthcoming When Love Speaks, an album in celebration of William Shakespeare. When Love Speaks features interpretations of Shakespeare's sonnets by leading actors and musicians. This album was released in the UK Today, February 4th, & with the US release date coming soon. For more information visit

-Get close to Rufus during the I Am Sam Premiere. Check out interviews and live performances by Rufus during this event. Visit click on TV in the directory along the bottom of the site and then select LOUD -- Rufus is at the top of the list.

-The Word on Rufus.....
Check out what Rolling Stone had to say about Rufus's Upcoming Tour! & VirginMega talks about Rufus here 
Don't miss Rufus Headlining his spring 2002 tour!! 
Keep updated with Rufus news and tour dates by visiting 

Going to the boys play today. It should be fascinating. I have some connection to that play/movie because I can remember seeing that movie with someone and them telling me that one of those women was their grandmother. I can't remember who it was. Lunch afterwards, and then coffee with Pierce, then rehearsal, then Missy B's for a game or two of pool. That's my day today. More updates later.

Monday, February 4, 2002

Jagermeister woes 

Jagermeister woes 

This month is looking more and more like the one that you had in mind. Move forward enhanced, enabled and inspired. Show your love to those who agree with you, and show mercy to those who don't.

I will say only a couple of things about this weekend, and especially Sunday. Had a fabulous time at the party. I got to meet the previous director of HMC Reuben Reynolds and his lover Bill Casey, and that was tremendous. Had a very interesting conversation with him about music, choruses etc. Then proceeded to get BLAZINGLY drunk, and this is an email, first from the boy's best friend (who left mid-party) and then the boy's response:

YAH-ger-mice-ter: A 70-proof German liqueur that's a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and spices. Serving Jagermeister (which means "hunt master") icy cold helps tame its assertive herbal flavor. 

Hey gurl:
I had fun at the party yesterday, Bill was very nice! What happened after I left? anything worth gossiping' about?

Love ya baby


And the boy's response:

Hey K: (and I've cc'd Bill since you were sweet to him in your email!):

Everyone deserted us. You who drove us. Ron then left in a depression apparently. Bill and I asked Missy and Laura to take us, and then Trevor and Andy, and finally a guy named Gary something. ALL DISAPPEARED. ALL.

We knew no one at the bar any longer.

I called for a cab. The driver was hostile and said "Don't slam the door." Bill didn't hear that. The driver said it again. Bill shut the door hard. (But not THAT hard.) THe guy screamed Muthafucker and pulled Bill out of the cab. I called the cops and we started walking home. The lady on the 911 wanted to talk to Bill directly, but by this time he was loopy and confused. He just closed the phone cover in mid sentence and we KEPT walking. I called another cab. I think they knew my number by now, since one never showed up. We walked ALL THE WAY home. Bill would have moments where he would stop walking. Then he would have moments where he would be fine. I held him by the hand (he seemed to like that) and I persuaded him block by block to keep going. He just now called me from work and said that his "legs were sore."

That is the saga of the nite 
I think this is a story that needs to be put on the trio page. For the love of Liza! I woke up this morning, not remembering at all that I was forcibly removed from the cab. I had to receive that email. Cops? What Cops?

Sunday, February 3, 2002

Sleep is me

Sleep is me
Libra isn't about to take any risks unless he or she is intimately familiar with the odds. Check your inventory before investing. Earth Sign energy is prominent in your starcast, heightening your state of material awareness.

Isn't that a kick? So I worked last night, and let me tell you, it was a madhouse. They had this hick-ass band come and play in the cafe, and the band had a following that came with them. I was sounimpressed with this band, because all they did was take songs from other bands and make up new was really really bad. Everyone was all excited when the show was over, and I was like "I thought they sucked" and I just got weird looks. I was talking about it, and one of the customers got heard it and gave me a scowl. I thought that was sort of amusing. Was supposed to go to this party with the guy, but it was cancelled because they didn't have power, and that's always dissapointing. So, I simply went back to the house, set up my stereo, and listened to a bit of Vespertine while I was reading this fabulous book, and while the sleeping pills took effect. So I'm suppposed to go to this party at the Dixie Belle this afternoon with the boy. I'm sort of excited because I know the birthday girl (and her lover), and haven't seen them in a couple of months, so that will be good to catch up and gab. Funny thing is that I'm going with a date, and if everything goes like it has for the last couple of months, I'll be telling everyone (including the woman and her lover) this afternoon that my ex and I are no longer together. Old news people.

Saturday, February 2, 2002

For the love of Liza

For the love of Liza

To capture someone's attention, prove that he or she has caught yours. There's no official pronouncement, only information for those who notice it. Take a walk to help contain your excitement.

For the love of Liza, so much going on, and I only have a minute to update you kids. Been on this whirlwind schedule. Went out to Missy B's on Thursday with my co-worker Katie and had the best time. She is a wonderful, all around cool cat. Met up with a couple people that I hadn't seen in a while and also met someone who I had never even thought had an interest in me. Turns out that he did, and I did, and I'll just leave it at that. If you want the story, call me. I'm not looking for some huge romance or a husband, to tell you the truth, but it's been really cool just hanging out with this guy. Relaxed, no pressure, it's all good type of thing. Case in point. Worked last night, went to his place afterwards. Was listening to Simon and Garfunkel records while sipping wine and having great conversation. Things like that are the best because it's just so relaxing and a cool situation. So that's that. Seeing him toinght too...for some party. More details later. Oh, and isn't that horoscope perfect for this situation....I love my life. I live a perfect life, I give perfect service, I receive perfect pay....etc.