Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer in Chicago Series - Finale of Mahler's 2nd Symphony

So my friend Sean sang in the chorus in this performance and what a stunning performance it was! Stunning music, stunning venue, stunning weather, stunning company!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Do you have your tickets yet for "My Kind of Town"?

Do you have your tickets yet?

CGMC’s spring production, "My Kind of Town", opens in 7 Days on May 20th at the Harris Theater, with additional shows at theNorth Shore Center on May 21st and Beverly Arts Center on May 22nd.

This Toddlin' Town experience highlights a variety of musical genres - from the Chicago Blues to House; with music from Bessie Smith, Goldrich and Heisler, Louis Armstrong, along with pop classics from Janet Jackson, Tori Amos and many more. With 100+ singers, a live band, and several dance numbers, the show is guaranteed to get your heart racing for the windy city!

Don’t miss out from seeing this tuneful tribute to our great city of Chicago, tickets available now.