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Dave Navarro’s Open Letter to LGBT Teens

This is amazing, from Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro’s Open Letter to LGBT Teens
Posted September 29th, 2010 by Evan Hurst
I said I was gone for the day, but I’m back for this. Perez Hilton just posted a letter he received from rock star Dave Navarro, addressed to all LGBT teens:

Ok everybody, here is the deal. I cannot imagine what it’s like growing up in a close minded environment and being gay, bi or trans-gender. I don’t think any of us who aren’t can possibly imagine. The strength and character it must take to stay true to yourself in such an unforgiving microcosm are qualities that a major portion of the world lacks… Sad, but true. It’s just how it is at the moment. However, it’s that very strength and character that gives the world hope for a new way of thinking and acceptance in the future and when one of our children gives in and gives up, it is not only a tragedy but a victory for those who fear diversity. DO NOT LET THEM WIN! I know how overwhelming the feelings can get and how small the reality can feel, but the bottom line is that this is but a drop in the bucket in terms of the magnitude of life. You can get through this. High school is full of plenty of bullies and fear based hate, as is the world. With any group of people comes a percentage of people who just don’t get it and probably will never get it. That’s OK. We all deal with this to an extent. The truth is that in High School, you are kind of stuck in the group you are a part of until graduation, but trust me… You can pick and choose who you associate with and there are plenty of like-minded people in the world that are understanding, accepting and loving. Sometimes, we just have to stick it out to meet them. The hard cold reality is that once you have chosen suicide, that’s it. No going back. Sure, there is a public outcry and MAYBE the bullies feel remorse for a while, but it all dies down, life goes on, the bullies let the memory fade and get on with their lives. They learn to laugh, love, reach their goals and in many cases go on to have a full and productive life. Who loses? You do! Your family! Your friends! Other teens who need support in this area! Oh yeah… We all Lose! Now the world has one less mind that is open and different and unique and sensitive. Instead, we inherit the bullies, the fear, the set back… Our world has one less soul to help it evolve with a new level of clarity. Personally, I have seen a lot of darkness and tragedy that has felt insurmountable. The murder of my mother, my battle with drug addiction, the loss of friends and family. Utter depression and despair. Of course the thought of suicide has crossed my mind a time or two. Let me share this. THANK GOD I never took that action. The friends I have made, the experiences I have had, the laughter I have shared would have all been missed. In hindsight, some of my darkest moments now seem so small and insignificant that I am amazed I gave them so much power at the time. I am even able to laugh about it now. When I think back to the times I have considered ending it all I end up saying to myself, “What was I thinking?” To those of you contemplating such a course, please do us a favor. Seek counseling first. Find a network of people who have gone through what you are going through. Help others in even more turmoil than you. I am certain that you can find peace. As you know, our society and political climate is SO divided right now. We need your voice. The world at large needs your sheer existence in order to come to terms with itself and where we are going as a planet and species.

Thank you, Dave Navarro.

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Fierce advocate my ass

From todays White House Press Briefing:

Q Robert, on “don’t ask, don’t tell,” Senator Collins, Susan Collins, confirmed to our group on the Hill that she has spoken with the Vice President -- he has reached out to her -- and that he understands in some ways her frustrations. This is somebody who agrees with the administration in repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” but says that Senator Reid -- because there’s not an opportunity for open debate or for offering amendments, that she cannot go forward and support the legislation. Is there a sense of frustration from the administration that you have an ally here who feels that because of the process, she cannot support repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell?”

MR. GIBBS: Look, obviously we are -- we’re grateful for her support of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.” I obviously did not hear the conversation that the Vice President had. My sense is there is a tremendous frustration on the part of many involved that we hear all the time about the procedural hurdles that many Republicans want to throw into this process. That’s why it took three or four months for us to get a bill as seemingly non-controversial as small business tax cuts through the United States Senate.

It is obviously our hope that we can get the defense bill done. The President, obviously, as you know, supports the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and obviously the bill also included the DREAM Act, which is supported by Democrats, Republicans, and many in this administration. We’ll continue to work on all of those fronts.

Q Is Senator Reid being helpful or hurtful in the process?

MR. GIBBS: I think Senator Reid has done an incredible job at leading the United States Senate, and is being helpful on making progress on what’s important to families.

Q Is there anybody from the administration who’s encouraging him to perhaps change this so that there would be open debate, or --

MR. GIBBS: Again, let’s understand what Mitch McConnell and others want. Open debate is a grab bag of -- a grab bag of ideas that are probably left for a different time. Again, this was the notion that somehow we weren’t having open debate on a small business bill, and a very simple and non-controversial bill took three or four months. That’s why we have nominees waiting 500, 600 days that passed committee unanimously because of slowdown tactics. [I think this is the worst part of it]... Again, we’ll continue to try to make all this happen.

what? The question was Harry Reid an impediment to this process? from JMG "All Republicans voted "no." Aside from Reid as noted above, the only two Democrats who voted "no" were Sen. Blache Lincoln and Sen. Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas." beccause Reid voted no to bring the measure back up 'at a future' time be decided in a lame duck session of Congress which is going to happen starting Nov 2 and we'll be even MORE screwed after that.

Harry Reid was not an impediment to this process, Barack Obama was an impediment...certainly not a help to the legislative process on this one. Well "the Vice President made some calls" shit isn't going to cut it, it's not been able to cut it for this whole administration. I am 2 years into this administration shocked and awed at the glaring indifference of this President. I just watched a video with Bill Clinton kept on saying as advice as to what to say to disgruntled people in defense of democrats and he's all "give us two years, if by the end of those two years theres no improvement then kick us all out".(here is the vid go to about 4min30seconds)..well you know...I spent the last two years...and basically the last two years before that electing,volunteering for,donating to,rallying for this President. Only to find out two years in...that he didn't pick up the phone or go up to the Hill even to get this DADT repeal through? Did it rise to the level of Presidential action. Sure the hell didn't. We certainly see his priorities. I'm going to register the domain

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Aunt Flo and Grandma Rosen side 1

This is a recording of an audio tape that was recently discovered of my Grandma and Aunt Flo and my Mom and I sitting around a keep on hearing when either one of them asks 'is that still recording?" and my mom saying "oh he shut it off"

- update I listened to the entire tape it's about 45 minutes and it's actually me asking both of them questions out of a book. Sort of historical questions when did you hear that FDR died. Aunt Flo says that it was pretty well known that he was going to die. Both remember Pearl Harbor. It's fascinating!

10_13_98 by ohthebill

Aunt Flo and Grandma Rosen

This is a recording of an audio tape that was recently discovered of my Grandma and Aunt Flo and my Mom and I sitting around a keep on hearing when either one of them asks 'is that still recording?" and my mom saying "oh he shut it off"

10_13_98 by ohthebill