Thursday, March 5, 2009

Transitions both personal and professional

Ok here I go. This is going to be the first actual 'typed out' blog entry in a long while. As you can see, I had to put my beloved dog Maggie to sleep. I don't think many things compare to having to put a dog to sleep, it's one of the most horrible experiences that a human being can go through. The only thing I can say is that I have to move forward...because being stagnant is not my thing. It's also easy to say that, but quite difficult to get through the guilt that comes with having to do something like that. I know I gave her the best possible life she could possibly have, and truth be told, she had everything a dog could want, a loving home, tons of belly scratches and an inordinate amount of love. It seems as though I've come to a transition in this point in my life. I feel as though I'm learning every day, I'm trying to better myself every single day, and it's a good feeling. In the past I wouldn't take this process so seriously as I do now. I am conscious of my speech, of my thoughts, and of my energy. It takes a great deal of 'mindfullness' to keep on top of that, because it's so easy to slip into UNconsciousness and that is the normal state of humans. Everytime I feel myself slipping into something that is not 'in the moment' as they say, I stop myself and ask "what am I doing here" "what is happening?" "why am I reacting like this" "is this an old pattern that is rearing it's ugly head?" Only time and practicing viewing my whole experience through the 'witness self''s the part of all of us that can seperate our experience from ourselves...witnessing ourselves without judgement. What an amazing tool to use.

I am plugging ahead on my web business as well. I am putting together a portfolio that has all my work in it, and one of the shining stars of that portfolio is my friend Bukeka's site that I designed. It's been a long process working with her, and it's a joy to be involved with one of my favorite people on the planet. She's amazing and has an inner/outward energy that can only be described as addictive. Not to mention her astounding musicality. I have a couple perspective clients that I've sent contracts out to, and am waiting for the responses, I am so excited I feel like a little kid on Christmas. I think the web business is going to really take off....I feel it coming. Another reason that I believe it's going to work is because I love it, I love designing, I love working with people, asking what they want, and then starting a project catered to their specific needs. It's amazing how rewarding it is to see the face of a person who sees what I've created for them. I am posting a picture of my longest friend Sabrina's little baby boy...David. ooooh he is so beautiful! I just want to eat him up! When Sabrina told me that she was having a baby, I had to get her something, and what could be better than a little baby bib that says "I Am Worthy of Love" from Bukeka's merchandise page. So I ordered a baby bib and had it sent down to Sabrina in Atlanta. She screamed when she got it and called me and we just reveled in what such a statement it is, when she takes the little boo out in public and the bib says "I am worthy of love". If you want to check out the story of I am worthy of love there is a facebook group and you can go to her products page that explains what it's all about. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.