Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Love You..You're Perfect...Now DIE MOTHERFUCKER

I love having my own blog. It's my own personal sounding board on whatever topics I want to rant about. I hate having to complain about customer service related just irritates me to have to call someone's bad behavior out. I always feel like they should know. But they never do. So today I felt compelled to complain about two wholly separate things.

Yesterday I was at the doctors office and the Dr.(lovely neurologist by the way) ordered a blood test. So I'm so used to getting my blood drawn and I always have the warn the nurses because I have really crappy veins. I'd be the worlds worst heroin addict. I always make that joke to the nurses and they never laugh, (it amuses me, though.) So after looking at one arm, she decides on the other. So the nurse sticks me and everything is going fine shes collecting the blood in the little tube thingy. So meanwhile, there's another nurse who asks if she (the nurse working on me) could move a bit to let her fat ass (it hurts but it's true) through to the other side of the lab. So the nurse working on me moves and while she's moving she moves my arm with the needle stuck in it. In the process she not only gouges pushes the needle FURTHER in my arm which causes me to like wince in excruciating pain...then something happens and the flipping needle pops out of my vein, leaving me horrified and with an armful of blood. Lovely scene this is turning into! So now I have a most attractive red/green/purpleish massive bruise on my arm that looks like I am a heroin addict with bad aim. The lady did not even apologize to me after gouging me then popping the goddammed needle out of my arm. I could have spit I was so pissed. Let's just say that the patient advocate got an earful from me today. The second thing I really don't want to even talk about on this blog because it's so annoying and it's better if I just let my complaint sit and marinate with the appropriate officials and see what happens which will turn into another fruitful blog entry at another date.