Sunday, April 13, 2014

Does Anyone Have $1,500 I Can Borrow?

Just got this email from google glass:

Hi there,

Hooray - it's Saturday morning! Whether you're curled up with cereal and cartoons or hitting the weekend warrior path, we have some exciting news for you.

We're seeking new Explorers and we're opening up some spots in the Glass Explorer Program. Any adult in the US can become an Explorer by visiting our site and purchasing Glass ... including you!

This isn't the same Glass you saw last April. In the past year, we've released nine software updates, 42 Glassware apps, iOS support, prescription frames, and more, all largely shaped by feedback from our Explorers. The Explorer bundle costs $1,500 + tax and includes Glass, charger, pouch, mono earbud, and your choice of a shade or a frame for no additional charge. Check out the styles of frames and shades and pick your favorite.

Spots are limited, so mark your calendar if you want to get in. Sorry, you can't prepurchase, but you can find us on Tuesday at

Use this link to add a reminder for April 15th to your Google Calendar. Explore the frames and shades and select your complimentary style here.

For help purchasing please visit the Glass Help Center.