Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh...The Check Is In The Mail

I love that the GOP is so utterly desperate that they are trying to charge $27 for a tshirt that is trying to capitalize on nostalgia for GWB. WHAT? Cracks me up!

Resolute and decisive.
That’s what I remember when I think of the leadership of President George W. Bush. He led us through some of the most challenging moments of our nation’s history.
He led.
George W. Bush T-Shirt
The President we have today thinks our country should “lead from behind” and has significantly diminished the United States’ standing in the world — and worse, he has made us less safe.
I miss the leadership of President George W. Bush. And I miss him.
I had the privilege of serving in his White House, and I saw the character that he and his family provided our nation. I will be forever grateful for their service.
Today is President George W. Bush’s Birthday. It’s a moment that has reminded us of what leadership in the White House really looks like. And we’re working to send principled leaders to the Senate and House in 2014 and to the White House in 2016.
Would you help make that possible by contributing $27 to get your official “I Miss W.” t-shirt today before his birthday?
Thank you,
Sara Armstrong
RNC Chief Operating Officer