Sunday, July 19, 2015

Never Ever

This is one of the most profound songs I've ever sung. It talks about how we will never have this moment again, howbwe should appreciate the person next to us, or the person signing next to us because we might never see them again. I think about my life and how grateful I am to the many directors I have worked with and choirs i have sung in. It also pertains to my life now back in Chicago and how I'll have limited time with both my parents.

Never will there be a moment, ever.
When we all will be together, never.
Never such a moment.
Never will we look around and see these faces.
All these faces.
Never will we hear these voices.
Never, ever hear this sound.
No never ever will we have that first time or this last time or just this time
Never get to live our lives all over
Never, ever!
Oh life will take us where it will.
New beginnings.
Take each moment as a gift.
Take each moment as a gift.
Take each moment as a gift.
Give it back. Give it back again.