Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Shame in Kansas City

I find my tactic lately is just to laugh. Just laugh at the absurdity of everything. I mean really? While some may find it perplexing to laugh at really serious things going on I find it's one of the easiest ways to cope. It may make no one else laugh or be totally inappropriate

Just like anywhere else on the planet, Kansas City has it's pro's and cons. One of those cons is that this city does a dismal job of putting on a gay pride. I mean it's seriously just dismal. Somehow, somewhere the powers that be decided to make Kansas Cities pride in the beginning of the month where every other major city holds their pride events towards the end. Maybe in their infinite wisdom they decided to have it early, get it done, so people could get the hell out of Kansas City and go somewhere else in the country and celebrate it like it should be celebrated. That must be it. Maybe that's the entire reason why Kansas City's gay pride is just shamefully pathetic. Sure we have a 'pride' but it just happens to be extraordinarily lame. Maybe it's the lack of enthusiasm (please note the whopping 383 members) or the dismal 3rd rate performers they hire. Who knows. Personally, I have a rather complex history with pride 'festivals' or events. Not just Kansas City's.

with KC's pride can be encapsulated perfectly by this picture: Camp for the pic) It looks as if there are about 20 people, walking, in the middle of the street, for no particular reason, and the cars are dangerously close to the people like, swerving at the last minute to not hit the people in the speedos and feather boas that just happen to be randomly walking north down main street.

Is there any planning going on here? I knowAren't there arrangements to close the traffic off for any amount of time so that when the MAFB and friends walk down the street there might be a cop or something directing traffic instead of this. I mean seriously, just look at the picture again. Something is amiss. Maybe I'm on to something here? The reason I started typing this entry was actually to make some sort of a bad joke about traffic-related pride festivity mishaps but it seems as though the joke should be about living to tell about it.