Saturday, June 11, 2011


an email I just got from the chorus.

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Subject: FW: Thank You
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 10:22:12 -0500
From: Rick Fisher


I wanted to share this message with you that came in overnight as it is
incredibly timely (grab a Kleenex before you read it). You never know who
you will touch with your music and your affirming messages. Best wishes for
a magnificent weekend of performances. Thank you for lifting your voices to
Enlighten, Inspire, Heal and Empower.

Rick Fisher, Executive Director
Heartland Men's Chorus
Our Voices Enlighten, Inspire, Heal & Empower

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Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2011 1:41 AM
Subject: Thank You

My name is Tom Hale, and I'm the proud parent of Lauren Hale, who came out
as a lesbian a few years back. I took Lauren to see one of your concerts a
while back, and ever since, she's been hooked on you and your message,
spreading tolerance and acceptance in a world that desperately needs it.
We've been following your performances at Pride and other venues ever since,
and you became a staple in our household. I'm even proud to say you changed
my viewpoint on the homosexuality issue, and made me accept my daughter for
who she is. However, I'm saddened to say that Lauren took her life this past
week at the young age of 17, feeling she could no longer handle the
intolerance of this world. A member of your affiliate group, Perform Out KC,
was a friend of hers, and was asked by my wife and I to read a poem he wrote
at her service, but is unable to due to your concert conflicting with her
memorial. Both he and I are devastated at this fact, as it was a favorite
poem of hers, and I wish he could read it for all to hear, but I'm glad he's
able to join you and keep her memory alive. I ask you with every last fiber
of my being to sing your hearts out for my daughter this weekend, because
she'll be watching from the best seats in the house. Please, I beg of you,
keep spreading the message. The world needs it. You have changed the lives
of many, and you have the ability to change the lives of us all. I wish you
many more years, for the world is truly a darker place without your presence
in it. I wish this letter were on better terms, but I truly believe it is
because of you that our family was what it was. Thank you. Thank you. Thank

Tom Hale