Monday, November 5, 2012

They Like Us They Really Like Us

Good Morning Volunteers,

I wanted to share with you the feedback we received from our patrons who attended Cameron Carpenter last night at the Kauffman Center.

The hospitality of your volunteers was wonderful. One member of our party is blind and one in a w/c. We were all SO well taken care of it was amazing. They are a tremendous asset to the Kauffman.

The concert hall is beautiful and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

The volunteer ushers were VERY good at helping my seatmate who was VERY uncomfortable in the top row. Thanks for the concern and the attempt of the manager to seat us in a different place. She was fine once she was seated. We were even contacted at the intermission. I was surprised and impressed. Keep up the good work!

Great volunteers who were very helpful.

Always a good experience. Volunteers very helpful and the parking arrangements are very convenient. I don’t need to address the building, it is perfect.

Thank you everyone for doing an amazing job.

Jenne Stapleton, Volunteer Coordinator