Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chronicles of Hate: The Corporate Edition

From a Facebook friend who asked for anonymity to avoid repercussions:

Story from St. Louis.  My partner is VP of a company. One of his employees is an African-American female. For lunch, she'll drive 3 minutes away to get lunch and check on her mom. Today, she tried to get off at her usual exit. The car next to her wouldn't let her over. She had to use the next exit. She noticed the car that was blocking her swerve out of the exit lane and followed her. At the next exit, the car swerved into her, forcing her to swerve into the curb and damage her tire. As she was swerving, the guy in the car yelled the n word at her. Other than damage to her car, she's fine. Shaken, but fine.

New development, the President of the company was informed of what happened and blamed Obama for it happening. Offered no condolences to the employee.  My partner has been chatting with his employee tonight to make sure she is ok.