Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chronicles of Hate: Day 9 - Nov. 17, 2016

A white reporter in Detroit @Local4News recorded saying "I'm tired of reporting on niggers killing each other."

My home state of Georgia actually has a bill proposing to make it illegal for a Muslim woman to wear a hijab.

A Facebook post of my brother in arms Todd Gregory-Gibbs:

I feel the need to express my fear, very frankly.
A couple of weeks ago, the possibility that people like me and/or people of color or of a certain religion could be rounded up into camps and eventually killed -- by our fellow US citizens -- seemed completely remote.

It doesn't seem that way any more.

I fear this president-elect. I fear who he's allied himself with from the beginning, and I fear the people he continues to bring into his inner circle. I fear as much the possibility that he'll be impeached immediately and his fanatic Vice President be installed as Commander-in-Chief. All this while our legislature is all Republican, with the very real likelihood that the next Supreme Court justice will be a hard right-winger.

Please don't explain how I should "wait" or "give him a chance" or "relax." He's had chance after chance to show his true stripes. and I've learned that when someone tells you who they are, you believe them, period.
We've already seen fellow Americans do brazenly un-American things, all during his campaign rallies, and even more recently. For me it doesn't seem like such a leap to have my rights canceled out, and once the dehumanization begins, where does it end?