Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreams of Whales, Penguins and 150 Men Misbehavin'

This is the first time in a while I've been able to get to a dedicated internet connection (thank you KC Library!) so lotsa things going on. I had the most bizzare dream the other night. I rarely remember my dreams so when I do, I try and type them out as soon as possible after I wake up. Thankfully my laptop was close by when I had this last one, so here it is. Please forgive the typing and grammatical errors, as it was 815am and I was just waking up:-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:16:15 AM

so the dream last night, cuple of phases, one was that it was after the show, some sort of celebration and I wound up over at joe nadeaus house. there wasnt alot of people around just me and (michael wagoner?...i can't remember who) something was weird and joe was arguing with his roomate and it was a bit awkward. he was bitching about his roomate cliff shiappa and saying how he was sick and all of this and we shouldnt bother him blah blah blah. so we got in the car and left. i had an ipad or something very similar. i was trying to make a really really long tweet. people were laughing at me concentrating for hours at it. we went to two other houses...(friends? parties?) and people were annoyed that i was paying attention to the ipad at every stop. anyway scene changes and now im with jen gorski. she and i are walking somewhere and we pass someone some guy, and jen tries to get his attention and he stabs her. then i tried to stop him or whatever and defend her or whatever and in the process he stabs me. so its late, we've been out hanging out all night and into the morning hours so we can't find anywhere to go. i call my parents house and tell them that we've been stabbed and we can't find anywhere to go, a hospital or whatever. they say you're on your own, you're calling late and you're past curfew or whatever and you're in trouble. so scene changes but still with gorski, and we're at the intersection of 53 and st charles rd off to the side, i still have the ipad, and we are walking down the road (still bleeding?? dont remember) and we come upon a pond or a lake or whatever. i notice somehow there are dolphins in the pond and we go closer to the shore. the mood is still trauma like, we're both depressed because we couldn't find anywhere to go so we've been crying and exhausted (from the stabbing wounds?) so gorski bends down and one of the dolphins come up to the surface and lets her pet it. i come around to the side and flick the water to see if one of them will come up to me. one does, and allows me to pet him. this goes on for a while back and forth and then that same dolphin dives deep into the lake and reappears with a necklace, with what appears to be pearls and some diamonds. so this happens with gorski as well, the one dolphin dives deep and comes back and pushes a toy truck up to her and she takes it out of the water. the next time it happens to me the dolphins surfaces but he has a bunch of stuff wrapped around its (head?). I try to dislodge whatever it is...there was a necklace and some other random things sort of imbedded in its skin. i try to remove whatever i could, but was unsuccessful. so i see another car parked by ours by the road, and i was going to see who it was so i walked down closer. there was some guy walking towards me and then i noticed a penguin waddling towards where our stuff was. so its a bit later and i must have passed out but I woke up and saw tons of penguins laying down, and walking around. i leaned up and saw sidney laying there with a penguin laying next to him. i tried to take a picture of that with the ipad and i dont remember what happened afterwards.

HA! What a trip. So needless to say I was a bit spaced out after I typed that all out and I'll attempt to analyze that when I get a future opportunity to do so. Well tons of stuff going on lately. Of course the big show is coming up. Here's the link to the event page on FB and of course the original chorus page. I'm so excited, my parents are coming up for the show. It will be so great to see them. I haven't seen them since last June or so so it will be great to catch up with them and for me to share the show with them. More later.