Monday, March 7, 2011

This really makes me sick......really US? really?

Are we seriously going to invade Libya? I've tweeted about this before and it sounds as though we are. My problem is not Libya in general, it's the foreign policy of the United States that is my problem. We feel justified to invade because of no other reason than we import oil from Libya. Of course, it just so HAPPENS that they have the largest holdings of oil on the African continent. I think the sickest part of this whole process is that the US military complex is blaming the buildup to this military 'action' whatever it is going to be on the 'humanitarian crisis' in Libya. It's so transparent that it is not about that, because if we had a problem with genocide or mass killings in Africa we would have invaded Sudan YEARS ago. And Rwanda years before that during the Clinton Administration. Why now? The answer lies in that chart above