Tuesday, September 4, 2001

I've Tried To BE Judy Garland All My LIFE!

Step up to the plate and keep your eye on the ball. Mars demands that you do something, while Venus persuades you to do it beautifully. Your determination is a big point in your favor.

Well this weekend was fabulous I must say. Went down to Osawatomie Friday night and then had the garage sale saturday morning/day. Came back to K.C. Saturday afternoon, went out to dinner with Elsa and Richard at the Paradise Grill, which I have to say is so fabulous, it's hard to describe. Sunday, woke up, went to the service which was fabulous, Lisa Wenneger-Cole sang and was marvelous. Went out to lunch at Chipotle with Susan/Kendra and Kathleen and Richard. Had a fabulous lunch there, went home didn't do anything for the rest of the day. Monday, woke up at 11am, to the sounds of the piano being played. Bill Nelson was rehearsing with Richard for his new musical that they're writing together. Ran a couple errands with Richard, to Wal Mart to get his battery installed. Dropped his car off at Liebrands because now his car won't start, and they had to start the car by pushing it (it's a stickshift). So, hopefully he won't have too much to deal with, perhaps just a starter. Went out to lunch with Richard, came home, rehearsed with Richard for my show at the HopeCares center. Getting ever more excited about that endeavor. Talked with Leila during the night, and she was saying that she saw the Judy Garland special on Lifetime, where Judy says

"Do you know how difficult it is to BE Judy Garland, I've tried to BE Judy Garland all my LIFE!"

and we laughed and laughed about that. I didn't like that series, I saw it when it was on ABC and I thought it just portrayed her as this tragic figure, and not much of a person. That well may have been true, but the other thing that I was sort of bothered by in that whole episode, was that Lorna Luft is a bitch. Everybody knew that Judy Garland died on the toilet, and her death was horrible, all of these things were public in the first place, that bitch was just trying to cash in on her mothers name, and even though it probably was cathartic for Lorna, I just thought the intention behind that series was just horrible. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I didn't really learn anything about Judy Garland that I didn't know before. So there. Sue emailed me two pictures of the new baby, of her first bath and they are so cute I could just cry. I am going to try and get out there to Chicago for Madeline's christening, but Thom (my brother) told me that if I didn't get out there, that it wasn't a big deal, I'd like to make it anyway. I went for a bike ride yesterday for the first time in a week. I just need to get back in shape, because I am becoming Nell Carter. I love Nell Carter, but that's beside the point. So I resigned myself to excersise more, and take better care of myself, eat better...the general sort of stuff that I should have been doing in the last couple of months, but just haven't.