Saturday, July 9, 2011

Honor Ryan’s Memory: Record Your Wish.

Ok so this is so emotionally charged, it's hard to even type this. So I'm a blog buddy of Davey Wavey's and I was reading and watching his video that wants to honor his friend who passed away by suicide. So with everything that's going on these days about the It Gets Better campaign and what seems like the unbelievable wave of GLBT suicides in 2010 and this year as well I decided to record a video for this. My director [which is funny because I've always been behind the camera for her stuff] and I have agreed that not only are we going to do this for DaveyWavey and by extension his friend Ryan, but we're also going to combine that video with our own "It Gets Better" video. I feel as if every single person can and should do something to change the reach out to those people who think that they can't take it anymore. It's so bizarre to me personally and I don't think I've ever written this down but I had a brush with that whole suicide thing not so long ago. Well....years ago. But the only difference I can discern with my own experience and these kids is that I didn't attempt it because I was being bullied, it was because I was so depressed and so wrapped up in my own world of depression, which made my relationship suffer tremendously, which made me even more depressed. I'll probably write more about this in upcoming entries but needless to say I've completely bounced back and I'm here to tell you and the world that live is SO worth living! So read the following entry from DaveyWavey and I would encourage everyone with a video camera to make a small contribution. If it's not this project then submit one to It Gets Better.

Honor Ryan’s Memory: Record Your Wish.: "

You probably know that for the last few months, I’ve been working on a video to commemorate Ryan. If you don’t know Ryan’s story, please click here first.

About a month ago, I mailed out kits to the 20 filmmakers that agreed to help collaborate on the project. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been combing through the filmmakers’ footage from around the world (including footage from Ryan’s mother, Julie). It’s been a tremendous experience.

Visually, the film is coming together beautifully. But I want your help.

The focus of the video is people making wishes that honor Ryan and the countless other gay teenagers that have committed suicide. Each of the filmmakers has made a wish on video using the kits that I sent – but I’d like to hear and possibly use your wish, too.

Here are some sample wishes for guidance:

  1. I wish that everyone is always able to hold love in their heart.
  2. I wish that this madness would stop.
  3. I wish I could be there to tell you that you’re loved.

You can wish for whatever you want, but please make sure that it is related to LGBT suicide. Click here to record your video. It’s super easy and takes only 10 seconds. Please, please do it.

By recording a wish, you are granting permission for use in the final video.

This video is going to be very powerful – and I thank you in advance for being a part of it.