Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moose Mess' Fake-umentary Flops

I laughed when I read the reviews of this. Favorite line:Yeah, this heifer ain't running for president.

Moose Mess' Fake-umentary Flops: "

'The Undefeated' was defeated! The premier opened up to a nearly empty room in the OC and another theaters didn't do well at all.

And to add more gasoline to the fire, the critics tore it up:
It's amateurishly bad: The Palin documentary 'makes no pretense of being anything more than a full-length commercial endorsement of her character and accomplishments,' says Robert Levin at The Atlantic. It's just too bad the director, conservative Stephen Bannon, isn't a better filmmaker. He beats every talking point to a pulp, 'with earsplitting soundtrack flourishes, aggressive montage, and an overall state of high anxiety.' The film's biggest problem isn't its 'hagiographic leanings.' It's the 'simple fact that its director needs to go back to film school.'
'Sarah Palin's The Undefeated: Bad propaganda, worse filmmaking'

And quite boring: 'The first hour of The Undefeated, scrupulously attentive to Palin's rise through state politics, is pretty rough going, a turgid primer in Alaska's pipeline management and oil, gas and, yes, milk subsidies,' says Richard Corliss at TIME. What could have been a compelling film about Palin's place in the political landscape, and the establishment's handling of her, is marred by Bannon's clumsy, yawn-inducing attempt at propaganda. The movie might lead 'even the most ardent conservatives to emulate their idol's tenure as governor and walk out halfway through.'
'The Undefeated: Her holiness Sarah Palin'

And very thin on new material: This film is little more than 'a string of encomiums against a backdrop of frantically edited archival material,' says Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter

Yeah, this heifer ain't running for president.