Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old Website Content that I need to save!

Welcome to the my new digs, the new version of my old, antequated page, there might be a few missing links but basically, I was born in Chicago and moved to Kansas City, Missouri. You can chronicle the story in my journal page. I have this weird obsession with a couple of people in Hollywood, and in general, my biggest would be, and I still don't know where this comes from but the Queen of England. I just love her, I've sent her a bunch of letters and every time I get a response, I have to laugh. The last letter was in early in 2003, to ask the Queen to either write or call George W. Bush and ask him to resign. Check out the most recent response here, it's quite funny. She basically says through her "Chief Clerk" that As a Constitutional Soverign, The Queen is advised on foreign policy by her Ministers and is unable to do as you ask. It almost sounds as if she wanted to ask GWB to resign, but because of her title, she can't. How's THAT for international diplomacy eh?

Well, now that I've talked about my life as of 2006, I suppose I should talk a little about my past, ZOIKS! Well, I spent my formidable years in a little town called Lombard. I wasn't born there, I was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, which is just outside of Lombard. You can see a picture of my parents house from a satellite. I was born in the year of 1975, right at the end of the 70's and right in the beginning of those tragic years that we called the 80's. I am the youngest of five kids. I have two brothers and two sisters. We've all grown up to be fabulous adults, and there is actually one picture of us all at my brothers wedding here. I guess you could say that I had the typical family experience. I played baseball and soccer, although I never kept up with any sports really. Shocking for you who know me in my adult life :-)

At the ripe age of 10, I was introduced to the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus. There I was trained classically as a singer, and had the wonderful opportunity to sing in so many places, I hardly remember them all, but fortunately some of those experiences are readily available now, and can be purchased from their website. In that chorus, I also got a chance to sing at the then Orchestra Hall in Chicago and sing Bach's St. Matthew Passion with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus. This is what one of my hero's said about the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus:

"I would like to say in what extremely high regard I hold the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus. They have shown their innate musicality as well as the highest standards of excellence. This is probably one of the finest such choruses in the world and its artistic discipline can only be described as exemplary"

the late Sir George Solti

What a truly awesome experience that was. There are few experiences that I have come across that rivals that one. To be on the stage of Orchestra Hall, have that young in my life, to be a part of people who were at the time living legends, is one I shall not soon forget.

Recordings that I have contributed my 'sahngin' voice to:

So after that, I went to junior high school, and sung in the choruses there, and eventually went to high school. I only keep in touch with oonly like two or three people from the high school experience. Anyway, after high school I went to Loras College, in Dubuque, Iowa. After about a year there, I came back to the dreadful Lombard, to attend the community college College of DuPage So, after a couple of years of being bored with that, and not really ever picking a major, or ever graduating from ANY of these institutions, the logical choice would be to MOVE OUT of my parents house. So I moved to Chicago, into the big bad city. My first job in the city was working at Buddies which is a stitch and a half. They are the nicest people over at that bar and restaurant. After about a year at that job, I was offered another job at the Chicago Public Schools I was with them for about a year or so, and I still keep in contact with a couple people from there, Nadine E. Headen, is the major woman I keep in contact with. Now if you're still reading this, I'll be amazed! One of the best things about my family is being an Uncle! I am now an Uncle four times over! with my sister's two girls (on the right with their two matching dresses at my brother Mike's wedding) Gabriella, and Juliana, my brother Thom and his wife Sue have a gorgeous little girl named Maddy, and then my sister Mary has a son and another on the way. I'll post more pictures when I get them...I'm now attending DeVry University and am slated to graduate with my bachelors of computer information systems in 2006.