Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 100

I know this was a fad....like ..years ago but I'm still going to post my old antiquated version anyway because it is sort of funny and many of the things are still accurate.

I was born in Elmhurst, IL
I am a Libra/Scorpio
I have lived in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas
I need to move to Sweden
I am a sexy mutha fucka
I am the youngest of five kids
I am one stubborn mutha fucka
I shine the light of God that is within me, whenever possible
I am currently trying to weed out anything negative in my life
I implore you to try it, it's not easy
I am loved
I am not my past, nor my body, nor my job and I refuse to judge myself on those things (or lack thereof)
I am hysterical
I love to make people laugh (even if it's at my own expense)
I just learned how to do a cartwheel from a 10 year old, within a rehearsal for an opera in English
I dislike opera in English
I am obsessed with Liza Minnelli
I am a classically trained singer starting from age 9
I hope to be a full time professional musician someday
I love this damm journal
I hate this damm journal
I am obsessed with Rufus Wainwright and his sexploits around the globe
I used to be obsessed with Jhames, until he found a boy in Atlanta (before then, actually)
My favorite food is Thai
I sincerely hate tomatoes, or anything remotely associated with them
I love my family more than I can express with words
I am working in a job that is way below my skill level
I am obsessed with black women
I was a black woman in a previous incarnation
I have never felt the need to do drag (save the time my best friend and I did the Mexican Sweenie Sisters for Halloween...plus a Gay Hawaiian Marriage show for CGMC.
I loved it the times I've done it
I can sew
I love children
I love taking baths and going under the water so I can't hear anything
I am currently singing in two choirs (HMC & Unity.)
I love White Castle
I am a coffee whore (iced venti white chocolate mocha breve with a shot of raspberry)
I drive a Toyota named Rocky
I have named every car I've ever owned
I hate viewing, participating or thinking about football
I am a Chicago Cubs fan
I had the highest average in my league (baseball) the same year that my brother's average was 0.0 (mind you I was in T-ball and he was in minor league, but whatever)
I am taller than one of my older brothers
I am a carnivore, therefore I eat meat.
I am a bleeding heart Democrat
I am a Libertarian Party Member, and a Green Party Member
I drink entirely too much water
I love lesbians
I love Sinead O'Connor
I love applying Jergens Cherry-Almond lotion generously to my skin throughout the day
I love having sex outside
I love old people
I am an upper second tenor
I love Momma Cass, God rest her soul
I looooove gospel music
My favorite movie is Harold and Maude
I sometimes think that there is no God, but then things happen and I cannot deny It.
I was born and raised Roman Catholic but rejected the whole notion of Catholicism when a friend of the family (who happened to be a priest) turned himself in for molesting children.....years and years ago
I think that our government is completely corrupt and the people of this nation need to revolt and take back what is rightfully ours.
I believe that this nation is based upon the rape and pillage of the Native American, a wrong that has never been righted, and until such time that such atrocities are corrected, we will never move forward.
I believe that the foreign policy of this nation is horrifyingly short sighted and intolerable
I don't want to even get started
I have a dirty mind
I have been known to drink in large quantities *cough* ...but I'm a happy drunk
I kiss people when I drink
I am in a relationship with a man that I love with all my souls capacity to love
I can size up a person within seconds, and I'm a great judge of character
I am nearly always right about #67
I have called 911 3 times in my life
I spread love throughout the galaxy
I am a completely messy person
I love every type of animals, but mostly rhinoceroses
I have two brothers and two sisters
My grandmother still lives with my parents, and has all of my natural born life
I used to think (when I was a small child) that a painting that was hung in the family garage was my mother.
I love smelling girlie
The best part of waking up for me, is not Folgers, but seeing the man I love in the bed next to me.
I think I scare my siblings and parents
As well I should
I only have a few friends that I can call 'friends for life", and for that I consider myself truly lucky
I have always been considered obnoxious by people who first meet me.
People either really love me or really dislike me
I have worked on my self esteem to a point where I give nary a thought to those who dislike me.
I am a gay man
I have written letters to the leaders of the world asking them to ask for George W Bush's resignation
I received two back
I believe that Al Gore is the President
I believe that Angela Bassett should be the President of the United States
I love the Queen of England, and have sent her letters also
I write to my Senators and Representatives at every chance I get
I am optimist
I am an artist
I love Dolly Parton
I believe that the war on terrorism is a joke, and that America is swiftly turning into a police state.
I will not be ground by the forces that are trying to destroy me
I love being on a soapbox
I shall be released
I love Nina Simone
I have been a hospice worker
I am a human being