Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Won't You Marry Me Bill, I've Got The Wedding Bell Blues

I can't even believe this quote is from 2004 but I guess it makes sense. I think about this all the time and to me it makes perfect sense. It reminds me of one of my previous tweets about the sheer amount of racism still lingering in this country. From Bill Clinton's speech inaugurating the new "Dole Center for Politics". It amazes me that this link is still up in 2011. But it is.
Now, I will leave you with one last statistic to put in your little box. My last year in the White House, Hillary sponsored a lot of these what we call "Millennium Evenings". We'd bring in people to talk about big questions. One night, Vinton Cerf, who sent the first e-mail to his profoundly deaf wife, now 22 years ago, and Eric Ladner, a biologist and genome expert from Harvard, came to talk about how the digital chip made possible the sequencing of the human genome. Forget about that. You know the most interesting thing that he said? Genetically, all human beings are more than 99.9% identical and the genetic differences among individuals within a given racial group are larger than the genetic differences of one group as compared to another. Now, next time you start to feel like you really need to demonize somebody, think about that. Biggest laugh I ever got at the State of the Union Address was telling the Republicans and the Democrats whether they liked it or not, they were 99.9% the same. There had been a lot of blood spread over that one-tenth of one percent, and all you really have to do is figure out how to free yourself to live by the other 99.9%. Thank you very much.