Monday, January 7, 2002

I'm Right On Top Of That Rose

You have only a short time to work your magic, but there are no other limits. Libra is popular among those who seek similarities and harmonies. Helping hands reach out at every turn.
Could not be more true. Thank you Judy Garland, thank you Schicky, thank you Owen, thank you to my wonderful family, to any number of people. Without you, I'd be probably in the Missouri River. Okay that's drastic, but you get my point.

Voices From the Heart
Folly Theater
12th and Central
Kansas City, MO
March 23 & 24, 2002

The Chorus will take you on a powerful journey exploring aspects of love: Innocence. Earthiness. Forbidden desire. Parental care. Acceptance. Courage.

Especially exciting will be the world premiere of our first commissioned major work, Two Flutes Playing by Kansas City composer Mark Hayes. Based on the book of the same name by Andrew Ramer, this work celebrates gay spirituality and celebrates the love between men in a mythological way. The piece will be scored for male chorus, soloists, percussion, two male dancers, and of course, two flutes-silver and wooden. 

With Two Flutes Playing, we continue the tradition of GALA choruses worldwide, creating new music that speaks uniquely of the gay and lesbian experience. We have shared some of these remarkable works, including Hidden Legacies and NakedMan. Join the Heartland Men's Chorus as we make our own contribution to this art form.