Sunday, January 6, 2002

Mary J. Blige

Sunday - January 6, 2001 | I am taking it from Mary J. more drama!
Maybe you've changed, or maybe the world has tilted in a different way. No matter what, the good times are returning. Each hour brings another reason to celebrate. By tomorrow, you'll be in full control again

Now that I've read that horoscope, it makes me feel better. Had a hysterical night last night at Barnes and Noble. I just typed this long-winded description of this story, but I lost it, so I'll just give you the nutshell version. I work with this woman Leah (think...Flo from the sitcom Alice) She's irritating to the entire staff of the cafe, because she is just generally incompetent. She can't make drinks, she is slow on the register, and after working there for three months, has no concept of what to do whatsoever. So I was making drinks at the espresso bar (like I ususally do...because I am one of the fastest) and Leah is doing the register. She asks me "do you want to switch positions?" and say as nicely as I can..."Flo...I don't think that would be a good idea, we're really busy." She gets pissed and calls the manager over the intercom and says "Boo hoo, I want to do drinks, because I want to make a fool out of myself." So the manager (think..Mr Rogers) goes and looks for another person to man the register, and I think to myself "Bill, I live a life of no struggle." So I call Mr. Rogers back and say "Greg, don't worry about finding another person for the register, I'll just switch with her, it's not that big of a deal." So Flo goes on the espresso bar, and I go on the register. As I predicted in my own head before this even happened...ten minutes went by, and there was a line of drinks that had to be made down the entire length of the bar. She's that slow. So Mr. Rogers had to come back to the cafe to pick up some cash from the drawer twenty minutes after he previously showed up, and noticed the line of drinks, and I said to him "that's why we didn't want her to make drinks, because we're so busy, and she's so slow." He agreed, and pulled her off the bar, and put Dustin (the other guy that was working..who is a great drink guy)on there. As I once again predicted, Dustin got rid of the line of drinks, in under five minutes. Now Flo is even more pissed at me, and she's humiliated because now the management knows what we've known all along, she's just useless at the bar. So that was pretty much it, but after the store closed we got into a huge argument because she asked me if I had a problem with her, and I said "well, apart from your general incompetence, not really." and it escalated from there. I probably shouldn't have been so rude to her, but I have been struggling with dealing with her for a while now and I've tried to be nice, I've tried to be passive, I've tried to be nothing, and just not deal with her at all, and that's what happened last night, I just let her make a fool out of herself, and she succeeded tremendously, but then she was snippy with me..and I had to set her in her spot. Call me a Scorpio/Libra. She asked for it, and frankly had been asking for it for a long time, I'm just the only one who had the nerve to tell her.

So I went to CSL this morning with Schicky Baby and it was a bad call on my part. I went with an open mind, Richard was gone; it was the first service at the new building (which is marvelous by the way) and the second Diane and I sat down, I had a chill down my spine...the kind that said "you're in a bad spot, leave now." But of course, I ignored it, and tried to release any negativity I was harboring, and it worked for the service, but after, I was hit with a multitude of cold shoulders from people who my ex and I had acquaintances with, who obviously didn't want to speak with me, and made it quite obvious. I talked to Aubrey, who I adore, and a few random people, but for the most part, it was not a very welcoming or positive experience. So much for the loving environment that they talk about in that church. Oh well, I have been considering going to the Buddist temple anyway, this only cements that decision. Positive out of it. That's also not to say that I am forgetting the whole experience of CSL and the teaching, but the energy that I got today, was not welcoming whatsoever, and I don't think that is a healthy thing to experience when trying to further a spiritual path. I need a completely postive environment, and even though it really sort of shocked me to get such a negative vibe from people who were nice before the breakup, I understood it. People draw lines after breakups, and I am apparently on the other side of that line. I understand. I simply wish people would be a bit more human about it. People break up all the time, and there is no reason for such negativity. We're all humans, and that's the whole thing about that church, which espouses love and compassion for straight/ rich/ poor/ black/ white. In fact, the minister's teaching today was all about new starts, and diversity, and accepting yourself. That's one of the big reasons why I wanted to go today, new start...etc; but I got a really negative vibe, and I choose not to attend anymore.