Friday, May 17, 2002

love me some latin classical music

Not much to say other than I love me some Silvestre Revueltas. We had an imprompu rehearsal for a certain player friend of mine at the house this afternoon, where I was introduced to a lil bit of the fabulous Sensemaya. Listen and try to follow along, i dare you. It's fabulous though, really dark and brooding, sort of like Stravinksy but with a latin flare. Love it. I'll be at the Lyric tonight, same place where I went to the dress rehearsal of Cold Sassy Tree, and wound up being taught how to do a cartwheel by a ten year old in the vesitbule of the balcony. I was rated a 8 out of ten on my carwheel thank you very much. I loved the music, but not the opera. Weird hearing an opera in English, about a small Georgia town.