Sunday, May 5, 2002

Oh the Roadtrip

Oh the Roadtrip

Coming Soon, the roadtrip to hell and back (1,000 miles in less than 48 hours)

Monday - May 6, 2002 | at least something up there

I wanted to at least put the scattered parts of the road trip diary on here. This was taken from an email I sent to my wife who accompanied me on the trip to the funeral and is just trouble, and who also didn't come to my party on Saturday. I'm sure something happened. Everything will be explained in due time. It's just a sort of a jumble now.

Departure 1:00am Friday night/Saturday morning

1st stop - Ron Wilson/Quick Trip

Smoking Issues

Beta Junction - Seat will not go back

Atrophy on the highway

Seat=go cart

3:15am (indicipherable - i'll leave you the notes)

3:33am mutual reassurance

4:02am Jeff Church Stalker Story

4:15am Bixby snores/Bill stops talking ASAP - snore wakes Bixby up

4:20am Search for Excedrin

4:26am Bill's knees are clear up to the steering column

???4:50am prime time outside of newton???

5:10 You've just got to trust me next???

- Bixby snuffaluffagus snore

5:38am..yay and two honks for anal sex

5:50am An emotional moment - as Bill releases smoking ban resentment and once again expresses and feels gratitude towards Bixby

6:00am A banshee scream coming out of the night. The early dawn even brings Bixby to a upright position. Bill has hit a rodent

6:07am Stop for flapping bumper, turn up the radio

6:15am How many airports are there? Stafford, KS

6:18am Cow possibly hit, I hope it was a small one

6:19am The positive spin...KILL THE RABIES

6:20am Billy gets more direct "write it down" Lynn Wagner:?

6:23am Billy entrusts the lord "Let me not kill a duck!"

6:30am Billy: "I'm just not enjoying this anymore - we're on a killing spree!!!"

6:37am Billy: "What a beautiful sunset!"

7:04am Billy takes pity on Bixby - (I can't make this one out)

7:32am Billy: "Know what I smell? BURNING RUBBER!"

7:41am Bixby "I trust any woman that'll send me to a truck stop!"

8:00am Arrival at Dodge City pancakge breafast place

"well even though he's immoral and going to hell, at least he takes good care of his mother"

purchase of postcards - in very bad taste

change of costume

9:00am arrival at flower service/funeral

9:15am Bixby falls asleep in the pew

9:20am Bixby falls asleep in the pew, is awakened by a nudge on the arm by Billy


Departure from Cimmaron, KS,

12:00midnight - arrival in Manhattan, KS
"God doesn't like boys wearing earrings, necklaces, and BARBIES!"

Billy meets Alyssa's imaginary friend Courtney, to her chagrin'

Billy: "alyssa, aren't you going to introduce me to your imaginary friend?"

Alyssa: "OH YES!, Courtney, this is Bill, Bill, this is Courtney!......FOLLOW ME!"

Alyssa: "Courtney, come and meet my friend Bill....he's a nice guy!"

Alyssa: "she's a little hesitant to meet you Bill"

Billy: "5th gear please"

5:00pm Arrival at St. Agnes for the end of the retreat

5:15pm Arrival at 3914 Adams

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