Thursday, June 20, 2002

love welcomes all

Love welcomes all

Well I haven't had a chance to update and I don't have much time, but I plan on attending the candelight vigil tomorrow on the plaza for the protest of theconference that is coming to Liberty, MO. I love being political, and this is a way that I can do it in a loving environment and add my positivity to the situation. Go to the website and check it out, it really is a great cause. Steven Sanders is a good friend of mine from the chorus, and I just read this from it:
Prayer for Social and Spiritual Justice
by Steve Sanders

I pray that the children of misinformed adults be fortified with resilience and strength and know God's love for them is pure.

May the homophobia instilled in the hearts and minds of the "Love Won Out"participants be tempered by the sanity provided from God herself.

May the innocent children of the conference participants forgive their misguided adult protectors.

May the community of adults entrusted with their sacred responsibility to raise children, be composed of sane headed family members that are unwilling to allow the conference attending mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters to inflict any spiritual pain in the hearts and minds of innocent straight or gay child, as a result of an over reaction to this conference.

Mother God, we pray for peace. Mother God, we pray for wisdom that surpasses all understanding. Mother God, we pray for open mindedness, we pray for enlightenment, we pray for the misguided souls.

Mother God, we acknowledge that evil exists on our planet. We acknowledge our humanity and how some among us prey on the real and imagined fears of well intended people. May those that prey on other's fears be given a limited voice in our community. May their intimidation, shame and guilt ultimately be surpassed by the power of love and acceptance.

Mother God, we pray for the children that are cast out from their birth families because of the misguided teachings of "Love Won Out." May they quickly be led to a community where they can belong and discover their unique expression of self that had them be placed on this planet.

Mother God, we thank you for the wealth of community resources that are available in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area to deal with the fallout from this conference. 
Specifically we name:

Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Greater Kansas City
Passages, GLBT Youth Organization
The Good Samaritan Project
The Community of Open and Affirming Churches
The Pitch Weekly

Protect the leaders, staff, and volunteers as we all join to engage our special talents and gifts to communicate a message of inclusion, acceptanceand love. May our voices win freedom. May our struggle for justice unite us.