Sunday, June 9, 2002

Diversity brings you a wide range of happy choices. You make new friends through a shared experience. A deep current rises to the surface, pointing the way for all who can see it.

Well sheesh, how to begin with the pride weekend. Friday night Scotty and I went to the parade, and marched with the chorus boys. To tell you the truth, I liked it, but I didn't like it. I always like being involved with the parade, but it just seems so dismal in comparison to all the other parades and fesitvals that I have attended. The route was 5 blocks, and at points there were no people lining the streets. It was just sort of odd on the back of a flatbed truck rolling through the city with no people cheering us on. I mean in Westport there were tons of people, but then towards the latter part of the route, none. So Friday night we went to the festival and saw Jody Watley perform. Now I realize that it was a 'retro dance party' but Jody Watley just wasn't what I was looking for. She looked great though, I must say. After the festivities were done at Barney Ellis Plaza, we went out to the Dixie Belle, and it was fun in the beginning, but then the masses started coming out and it took a half an hour just to get a drink, it ws truly obnoxious. Scotty and I ran into a friend of his that he worked with years ago and we (Darren and his weird boyfriend) and Scotty and I wound up all going back to my place for a small after party, hosted by yours truly. Saturday it was all about errands, we went to a little diner for breakfast/lunch (after getting up at 1pm), Scott got a haircut, and we went back downtown to the festival and it was crazy hot, so we could only handle it for so long. Ran into Lisa Hopkins, who I was shocked to have seen. Long story there, but it seemed to be a positive meeting, and one of reconcilliation on both of our parts. The only thing of note from the festival performers were the drag queens, and for the love of liza, I love drag queens, but Kansas City has some pitiful excuses for drag queens. The only one worth mentioning was the one who did a really Marylin Manson's version of "Tainted Love", she walked on the stage with a huge cross with long chains to her arms, and was just hot! You just had to give it up to her for orginality. Saturday night we didn't do much, but Scotty cooked a wonderful meal at my place. We had some great steaks marinated with rosemary and olive oil, white corn and for dessert fudge brownies! My friend Andy came over towards the latter part of the evening, and hung out with us on the front porch, enjoying the wonderful summer breeze. This morning we woke up relatively early and did Unity, they had this wonderful baritone singer who did "No One is Alone" from "Into the Woods", and brought me literally to tears. Out to lunch with the church fags, and then back here to enjoy a rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon. I have an interview tomorrow at Sprint, which I am excited about, then rehearsal on Tuesday and the countdown to Chicago has begun. 18 days!