Friday, June 7, 2002

The road is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter

The road is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter

So last night I went out with Scott, Schick, and Cooper (who's this wonderful woman, she's a playwright and an author, and a mother of two daughters). So we went to this comedy club because Cooper's daughter was going to be the headliner. She was hysterical, and it was a great time. The minor comediannes did their thing and then the major comedian came up and did his thing, he was hysterical. After the show because Schicky was there, we took pictures with all the people, and then went out to this little piano bar on 87th and Wornall called "The Piano Room". I had been there before for Lea Lavish's birthday celebration, but they have completely re-vamped the place from a little dive-bar to a cute little piano bar. So this guy was here, and could you possibly be any more gay? He was really nice though, and Diane and Marcia (Schick and Cooper) insisted that I sing a song, (yeah right Bill, like anyone has to do any insisting when there's a microphone involved), so at first I sang "Piano Man", and then there was this weird guy that make weird noises with a dollar bill (it's Missouri, people) so I asked him if he knew "The Man That Got Away" and he said he did, but he didn't know any of the Marcia and I had to recall all the words, I had to write them all down on peice of paper, and now that I listen to it, right before the second verse, there's a whole section I missed HAHAHAH!! Ah well, it's all good it's all about The Man that Got Away, he turned it into sort of a polka, and as you can hear, it's not supposed to have any up-temp beat, it's a real lazy, jazz kinda song, but we did it sort of polka, up-tempo. So hysterical, Marcia loved it, we dedicated all the songs to her because it was her birthday today.

Oh yeah, it's the dismal gay pride parade here in Kansas City tonight. Weird enough that they have the parade on a friday but at 6pm, after everybody gets off of work and is all tired and cranky from a long day? What's up with that?

You're gonna die! Okay, our neighbors have this cat that they don't feed and don't take care of, so I, being the animal lover that I am, have taken it upon myself to feed the cat, and put a bowl of cat food on our front porch because when you go up to her and feel her, she is complete skin and bones....we affectionately call her Momma. So the momma had like 7 kittens about four months ago, that now have turned to into toddlers and the neighbors not only do not feed the cats, but they don't allow them in their house either, so now Momma is roaming around the neighborhood. What's going to happen when a female cat that isn't fixed roams around the neighborhood with dominant male cats roaming around too? That's right, other kittens. Momma just had four little gorgeous kittens that have hardlyopened their eyes yet. They are so beautiful, it's a wonder how people neglect them. If you're wondering how big they are, try smaller than a mousepad. Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Momma and her kittens, because they are too beautiful of subjects not to be photographed. By the way, if you need a gorgeous little kitty, let me know, and we'll arrange it. I would rather have the kittens be with a friend of mine who I know will take care of them, rather than some horrible, neglectful neighbor.

Oh, and guess who has an interview on Monday at Sprint? *cue music*