Tuesday, April 16, 2002

We are the World

This may be a time of renewed promise. Act on a hunch, and you could watch your dreams come true before your eyes. Relationships begun today are likely to hold a place in history

I woke up today singing "We Are the World". Deranged, I know. I haven't been feeling too tip top these past few days, and I think it was because my stomach has been playing games with me for the last week or so, but that seems to have passed. "This too shall pass". Can I say how much I love the weather here in Kansas City? One word....gorgeous. Seems like a bit of summertime, but I know the truth, that this is the midwest, and once you get a beautiful stretch of weather like we've had, you get um, a tsunami later. I am on the track to the post office to send that fabulouscd off to Jhames. Rehearsal tonight, and the bah afterwards.