Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Difficult concepts fall easily into your outstretched hand. Confusing statements are just the wrapping paper for exquisite mysteries. Love feels like a good answer to just about any question.

This is from my friend Aaron in Chicago

I liked the article about the anti-gay slur on the bombs. Pretty interesting that they would write that on something that's about to be DESTROYED!! So who'd gonna see it? And anyway, it's not like those (Taliban) guys can read English or understand the concept of what a "fag" is, so what's the point? RADM Pietropaoli, the Navy Chief of Information that was quoted in the article, was at our Military-Media conference in late August, so I've met's always interesting to see people's quotes in the news once you've met 'em. FYI, most of the people there (at least in the Navy) don't really mind if there are gays in the military. I think it's a non-issue for them...and they have other things to keep them busy now! Your skydiving adventure looked fun. Love those pics, thanks for sending 'em. Darren (my singing partner) and I sang at the wedding of a friend of his Saturday. They had it at the Peninsula Hotel, which just opened in June, and is at the corner of Superior and Michigan. "Ostentatious" doesn't even begin to describe this shindig...I think they dropped about $35K on this wedding. Beautiful place, very elegant (they're in their 40s, and pretty much rolling in it). It's fun to visit the other side of wealth sometimes (although I wouldn't really want to live there--too much stuff to clean, and you know how much I hate that!), and great fun to be included in the festivities. The free booze always helps too! I had bought a glass of wine at the hotel bar before the ceremony (to loosen up my vocal cords--never mind what Patrick says), and it was $9.88! Geez, when I buy a BOTTLE of wine, it's $9.00... Well, sweetie, must run. Take care of yourself, and don't do anything too daring.
Talk again soon.
Aaron :-)
I also got the new Betty Bowers newsletter, and it's just hysterical. She a'int right. In fact she's so wrong she's right. But this is a sample of what she has on her's so funny, and witty, and just smart, but you know it's all in jest, whoever does that website, is just hysterical!
Foreign Religious Fanatics Are To Be Hunted Down and Killed.
Whereas domestic ones are to be appointed Attorney General 
Dalai Lama criticizess US foreign policy
Oct. 24 (UPI)
-- Tibet's Nobel Prize winning, exiled spiritual leader on Wednesday criticized the Western response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. "You can eliminate people but you cannot eliminate human thought," the Dalai Lama said at a news conference. "The way to defeat terrorism in the long run is through thought, argument and reasoning. Once you commit violence it is unpredictable and it causes side effects." His comments came after he spoke before the European Parliament. Tibet's spiritual leader refused to condemn the U.S.-led bombing of Afghanistan, however. "They (the Americans and the British) know more about these things than I do," he said. He compared the joint action with the two World Wars and said, "This is a sign of civilization." He said the day after the Sept. 11 "unthinkable" attacks on New York and Washington, he wrote to President George W. Bush. "On the 12th, I wrote a letter, which expressed my sadness and my sympathy, and I told President Bush that the best way to counter terrorism is the non-violent way," he said. But the Dalai Lama criticized what he described as the United States' lack of concern for "democratic principles" in its foreign policy. "As far as domestic policy is concerned, they think democracy, democracy, democracy," he said. "But American foreign policy is not much concerned for democratic principles." Tibet's spiritual leader has lived in exile in India since 1959 when he fled his homeland. China had invaded Tibet nine years earlier. Since then, he has campaigned for greater freedom in Tibet; Beijing regards him as a troublemaker, however, and criticized the European Parliament for inviting him to address them Wednesday. Dialogue remained "the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interest," the Dalai Lama said. The parliament gave the Dalai Lama four standing ovations for his speech in Tibetan on the virtues of non-violence. While he called for a conference of non-governmental organizations, writers and thinkers together with religious leaders to consider the next stages of the war on terrorism, European Parliament President Nicole Fontaine said the parliament had called for a solution to the Middle East peace process and for "positive non-violent measures to be put in place once the military action in Afghanistan is over." Her comments came when Britain, a member of the European Union, and the United States were conducting airstrikes on Afghanistan in retaliation for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that killed some 6,000 people
I couldn't agree more....I love that man! 
I just got an email from one of the archivist at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra...I was asking about the recording of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew's Passion that I was on, in 1987, and this is what he said:
Dear William: 
Thanks for your inquiry. 
The complete recording of Bach's Saint Matthew Passion (recorded March 1987) is, unfortunately, no longer in print. However, there is a single disc of selections still available. The disc is available at our Symphony Store and I found an image on Tower Records' website ( 
You might be interested to know that a couple of tracks from the recording were also used in the 1995 movie CASINO: 
Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance, and thank you for your interest in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.