Sunday, October 14, 2001

From Chicago

Dear god, it's early on Sunday morning, and I am at my parents house in good 'ol Lombard. Been hanging out with my grandma for the last couple of days because no one is really here, my Mom's down in Atlanta, and my dad is out in Portugal of all places, so I pretty much came home to an empty house. The wedding was wonderful, I got to dance with the bride a couple of times at the reception, and I am so happy that I came up here for the wedding. Friday, Yvette and I went out to the bar, and I got drunk (shocking, I know!) Saturday, was the wedding, and the reception, and now I'm waiting on Jeff to call me, so we can head down to Boyztown to go and do our regular tradition of going early on Sunday to Cocktail and having a couple of beers and just sort of catching up with eachother. I am excited to see Jeff, as I haven't seen him in so long, so it will be a great chance to sort of catch up on all the gossip. That's enough, I don't want to spend all day on this journal, I just wanted to get it updated. Talk to you soon. OH yeah.....birthday next week, and let me just say that I'll be flying high next Saturday!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!