Monday, October 8, 2001

Insomnia central

Insomnia central
Good Morning Libra! This is an ideal time to spend with people. Check your version of reality against what others are thinking. Differences of opinion are sure to make for lively, welcome debate.

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Friday, October 12 - Kansas City(MCI) to Chicago Midway(MDW)

Flight 682
Depart Kansas City(MCI) at 11:15 AM and
arrive in Chicago Midway(MDW) at 12:30 PM

Sunday, October 14 - Chicago Midway(MDW) to Kansas City(MCI)

Flight 706
Depart Chicago Midway(MDW) at 09:00 PM and
arrive in Kansas City(MCI) at 10:20 PM

I just got a great picture scanned of Richard and I on the Heartland bus on the way to Chicago. In that second picture, I am the only one wearing sunglasses. Richard is on the right, in the overalls. There are a couple more that I got from Elsa, one of Richard at the piano, cute picture, and then one of a more contemplative Richard at the piano, and then one of me, bartending

This is also an email I sent out to my friend Bukeka to help her with her website development
Bukeka (The Goddess of the Universe): 

It's Bill, from our conversation the other day, I wanted to give you some information about my website design history: My own personal website is available for viewing at: 
also, you might want to check out a very (very) preliminary design (I only have some bio information for him, and some quotes that I took from a email newsletter) for the website of Richard's Consulting endeavor that I designed for him....which is also on my site at: 
Also, you might check the new (as yet unpublished) Heartland Mens Chorus website that I had a hand in developing and designing. That site is on the original domain ( but as I said, it's still not yet released for publication, but the test site is available at: 
The chorus website is by far, the most professional of the designs, but I hope this gives you an idea of what my capabilities are. Like I told you the other day, I'm not very fluent in the mechanics of ticket sales/reservations/database management on a website, but I have a good network of people that I could easily call upon to help me in that area. Give me a call if you need some advice, or help in this's a real passion of mine to do website work, and I would love nothing more than to help you with this, my cell phone number is ___-___-____. Let me know either way what you think: Have a great week, 
love you, 

Also, another note about Chicago....and this one was not very encouraging, but at least I am flying into a different airport than O'Hare

October 8, 2001 — A passenger rushed the cockpit of American Airlines flight 1238 from Los Angeles to Chicago. Military jets raced to its side. The plane landed safely at O'Hare Airport around 3 p.m. Officials say the incident was not an act of terrorism, just a random act by a suspect. 
Passengers on board Flight 1238 say the young man was sitting in a coach seat when he suddenly jumped up and ran full speed to the cockpit door. The man, believed to be in his 20's, got through the cockpit door, but the pilot managed to force him back outside. Witnesses say the man was shouting, "save the tower, save the tower." Witnesses say several passengers stormed after the suspect, rolled him in a blanket and subdued him. A doctor on board the plane also gave the suspect some medication, according to the witnesses. A man believed to be the suspect's father was traveling with him. According to airline officials, the suspect has a history of mental instability, and may have believed the plane was headed toward the SearsTower. When the intruder entered the cockpit, the pilot declared an emergency by entering a special code. Passengers say the plane jolted. One man even said he feared for his life, thinking the plane was going down. Two F-16s scrambled to intercept the plane, creating a sonic boom as they broke the sound barrier at around 767 mph. Some of the northwest suburbs heard that noise, which sounded like two large explosions. "I heard a huge, gigantic boom," said Sherry, who lives in Barrington and was obviously shaken by the noise. "I had no idea what I was supposed to do with six kids," she said, her voice shaking. Law enforcement agencies received several calls from residents who heard the boom. The F-16s escorted the Boeing 767, which was carrying a crew of nine and 153 passengers, to the airport. It landed safely at the airport. Officials took the suspect into custody, and interviewed the other passengers. No one was injured in the incident, although there are reports a 50-year-old man was taken to the hospital suffering from chest pains. The FBI says it is possible that no charges will be filed in the case.