Thursday, November 1, 2001

Puccini and some sad news

Puccini and some sad news

Good Morning Libra! Before complaining, think about how your life must look to someone with fewer privileges. Aspects of your reality are merely cultural illusions. Pay less attention to the ads and more to the editorials.

I got this very sad email from HMC
I am sorry to report that David Killmeyer passed away yesterday. David was a first tenor who came to the Chorus in the fall of 2000 and sang in the holiday and spring concerts last year. His partner, Brian Dowell, also joined as a HeartLight member and quickly became involved in concert production. Brian is now chair of our Production Committee. A memorial service will be held tomorrow, Friday, Nov.2 at 3 pm at DW Newcomer's Johnson County, 11200 Metcalf, Overland Park. The Chorus has sent flowers. If you wish to send a card or note to Brian, his address is: (_) You may view David's obituary at: 

I just want to lighten up a bit, because that is so sad. I'll ask Richard if he wants to go to the memorial service. Anyway, this is a sample of the kind of correspondence that Leila and I have.

Hey. "Juding Amy" is on. Tyne Daly is insane. She really needs to get on some sort of a workout regime. Anyways, did you see that TV movie with her in it. About some damn wedding dress or whatever. Just nonsense. I hate anything that has to do with weddings and other people's romance. Hate it hate it hate it

i just want to know why you're so obsessed with Tyne Daley's weight? her and liza, you must be a lesbian or something, because the woman is a brilliant, tony-award winning drama desk-award winning actress and all you can say is ..she needs to be on a workout regiment? 
can you tell how defensive I am about tyne daley? i just love her.....did i ever tell you that? I can't sleep,....once again. i love insomnia 

You don't have insomnia. You just think you do. And the only reason I mention her weight is because she could be a heart attack waiting to happen and I would think you would be concerned since you love her oh so much!

And again, Leila
Hey. I'm just sitting here realizing that I don't have the slightest idea as to when I'll have sex ever again. I mean...its all fine and everything (so not the end of the world) however, NOT having any idea is unsettling. I'm just going to be this celibate woman living with her parents and unemployed. Dear God. Ok well I"ll talk to you later. And by the way I am SO going to let Enrique be my hero anytime. BYE!