Friday, November 2, 2001

so-called war

More shitty news from the so-called war This is where I got this, a couple of days ago
Afghanistan-U.S. /WRD/ 
U.S. calculations on Afghanistan impractical:
Afghan politician Birjand, Khorasan Prov, Oct 30, IRNA
-- An Afghan politician said here Monday that the American policy-makers' calculations on Afghanistan do not match with that country's realities and are therefore quite impractical. 
The former governor general of Afghanistan's Farah Province Shir Ahmad Senator told IRNA's Borjan Bureau that the best proof for that claim is that the Americans have still achived no tangible results three weeks after launching their operations in Afghanistan. 
Senator added, "the U.S. had also initially annouced that it will totally demolish the Al-Qa'eda network in Afghanistan within a single week's time, besides arresting Osama Bin Laden, but we know all they have done in almost a month is inflictng heavy losses over the Afghan civilans." 
He said, not only the U.S. has not succeeded in overthrowing the Taliban's regime, that was among the other announced objectives of the U.S. invasion, anti-Western and particularly anti-American sensations, too, have drastically increased among the Afghan nation, that is actually in a way in favor of Bin Laden and the Taliban! 
Senator said that in some provinces, such as Farah, not even one Taliban soldier has got killed during the U.S.-British air raids and missile attacks. 
He siad that all together, the Taliban, Bin Laden and his organization, have so far received the least losses in comparison with the civilian Afghans, including the elderly, women and children. 
This Afghan politician concluded his remarks claiming that not only the Americans have failed to inflict any serious losses on the Taliban, but the North Alliance forces, too, have been realtively unsuccessful in doing so.

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