Thursday, February 14, 2002

Valentine's Day, the dreaded holiday of single fags everywhere

oh the Valentine's Day, the dreaded holiday of single fags everywhere.
You want passion, but you may have to settle for something a little less carnal. Certain obligations must be honored today. Maybe after all the work is done, you'll have a chance to seek out the wild side.

Well, I worked today, so I got that out of the way...haa haa. Anyway, not a big entry, just some thoughts about this upcoming weekend. Friday; don't have to work, going to the symphony and out with Schick afterwards. Saturday; after working my last day at BN, thank you jesus, going to some gay bar, and watching latino drag queens. Sunday; going to Playing for Time again, with my co-worker Katie, and then going out to the Velvet Lounge afterwards for martinis. Should turn out to be a fabulous weekend. I love when it's all planned like that...beforehand.

So, the boy and I are going to spend some time at my pad, and then transfer over to his place, because I don't have to work tomorrow...woo hoo! That's all for now.