Monday, February 4, 2002

Jagermeister woes 

Jagermeister woes 

This month is looking more and more like the one that you had in mind. Move forward enhanced, enabled and inspired. Show your love to those who agree with you, and show mercy to those who don't.

I will say only a couple of things about this weekend, and especially Sunday. Had a fabulous time at the party. I got to meet the previous director of HMC Reuben Reynolds and his lover Bill Casey, and that was tremendous. Had a very interesting conversation with him about music, choruses etc. Then proceeded to get BLAZINGLY drunk, and this is an email, first from the boy's best friend (who left mid-party) and then the boy's response:

YAH-ger-mice-ter: A 70-proof German liqueur that's a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and spices. Serving Jagermeister (which means "hunt master") icy cold helps tame its assertive herbal flavor. 

Hey gurl:
I had fun at the party yesterday, Bill was very nice! What happened after I left? anything worth gossiping' about?

Love ya baby


And the boy's response:

Hey K: (and I've cc'd Bill since you were sweet to him in your email!):

Everyone deserted us. You who drove us. Ron then left in a depression apparently. Bill and I asked Missy and Laura to take us, and then Trevor and Andy, and finally a guy named Gary something. ALL DISAPPEARED. ALL.

We knew no one at the bar any longer.

I called for a cab. The driver was hostile and said "Don't slam the door." Bill didn't hear that. The driver said it again. Bill shut the door hard. (But not THAT hard.) THe guy screamed Muthafucker and pulled Bill out of the cab. I called the cops and we started walking home. The lady on the 911 wanted to talk to Bill directly, but by this time he was loopy and confused. He just closed the phone cover in mid sentence and we KEPT walking. I called another cab. I think they knew my number by now, since one never showed up. We walked ALL THE WAY home. Bill would have moments where he would stop walking. Then he would have moments where he would be fine. I held him by the hand (he seemed to like that) and I persuaded him block by block to keep going. He just now called me from work and said that his "legs were sore."

That is the saga of the nite 
I think this is a story that needs to be put on the trio page. For the love of Liza! I woke up this morning, not remembering at all that I was forcibly removed from the cab. I had to receive that email. Cops? What Cops?