Saturday, February 16, 2002

what would I do with a chicken anyway?

Be alert to malapropisms and misrepresentations. Your magnetic energy attracts all kinds of heavy business. Libra is tempted to relieve his or her anxieties at the table. Watch what you eat.
Yea, if I had any MONEY to eat, I would. But anyways. Haven't updated in while, and thought that I would tell you all that I started my new job at Starfucks tonight, and it was fabulous. I impressed them on how much I knew, and how I just wasn't a new girl on the block. They loved it (probably because they didn't have to start at a new person). Then I got home, made a few calls and heard, then read that my future ex-husband Jhames has had a really unfortunate experience. He was sort of short on the phone with me, and that's why. Hmmm mmm. Guess I'll just have to just listen to this and send Jhames my white light energy till then. Okay have to say this. After not seeing the boy today, I got sort of riled up FAMILY MEMBERS DO NOT READ THIS NEXT PART!!!! but you will anyway, I was searching through some porn that my roomate downloaded off of Kazaa, and I found this amazing clip, that I just had to share with you. Enjoy the late night-meal. And really, what would I do with a chicken anyway?