Sunday, February 24, 2002

Gay Latin Extravaganza 

You might be the missing link between confusion and comprehension. Few others can see the connections that are so obvious to you. Be patient with those who are trying to match your stride.

Well things have just been too crazy. After having an interlude that I won't even go to on here, in the afternoon, met up with the boy. Dinner at a Mexican place downtown, then off to his place to powder-the-nose-to-get-ready-to-go-out sort of thing. (Read: listen to fabulous records whilst inahling.) Get to the place (the only reason we went here was because the boy had to talk to th owner about some next place) and it's an all latin bar that caters to drag queens, and has a drag show in a half an hour. We sit down, boy talks to some actresses that were there, and we start talking. K arrives later, and he is live entertainment, just a hysterical gurl. So the kicker is, that after dancing, and talking to a few people, it's last call and we are about ten people in the bar that remain. Someone invites us to an after party, and says "are you coming?" Somehow, in the madness, the boy and K decide to go to this after-party, and I, of course have to go along, because Jeff drove me to the bar, and actually picked me up at my place earlier in the evening. So we drive in K's little car with no brakes (read: grinding LOUDLY at every stop), to the ghetto of Kansas City. No, you think that Kansas City has no ghetto, but it's the Mexican ghetto we're talking about. Not that it was scary, but it was just..scary. Get to the party, they give us beer, and we sort of sit back and take it all in. Needless to say that we had to drag K out of there because he was dancing with the four feet guy that didn't speak very much English and the nelliest man I'd ever seen. Got back to the boys house and crashed. He made breakfast this morning, and that always astounds me, a man, making me breakfast. Gotta love it. Have to say, the more time I hang out with the boy, the more I am attracted to him, even though some people (read: from Denver) think it's a daddy relationship, it just isn't. I don't see no ring on this finguh, and I sho a'int gettin no green from no daddy. Believe it. Came home at about 5pm, went to my Starfucks and got my schedule for this upcoming week. Monday, Wednesday, and I think Thursday...something like that. I'm freaking out, rent is due, and I'm short. It's the whole transition thing, between the pay periods. Why does everything always have to come down to lack of money? Am I always going to be po ass? I refuse the notion.