Friday, August 24, 2001

The day I almost careened into the wall

You'll probably feel like spending most of the day somewhere where you feel safe and secure and don't have to worry about being bothered too much. Your thoughts are likely to be focused on your financial situation today, and you might want to think about ways in which you can put your money to some better use.

This is day that I almost died, and the day that I bought a car that the brake line is leaking, the altenator doesn't work, and the battery is not charging. So from work, I came home, and after I visited with my husband for a while, I left to go to the chorus webpage meeting. So we met, and there were tasks to be delegated, so I am taking care of the pictures part of the new chorus website. That's fine. I stopped atStarfucks, to get me a drink, and then took off for home. As I was coming off the highway, I noticed that my brakes were not responding. Reacting with complete hysteria, I put the car in the lowest gear possible, and tried to stand on the brakes...hardly any response, so I veered around the cars waiting for the green light at the intersection, and almost caused like four accidents. So I put my flashers on, and drove home. That's great, now, not only do I have non-working brakes on the new car that I bought from Greg S. Davis, but I still have the altenator and the battery issues to deal with. I'm glad that I'm so trusting of a person. Especially another fag. Oh by the way, the guy who I bought the car from, his name is

Greg S. Davis
He lives in Overland Park, Kansas. I encourage you to sell him a car that won't even start. That's great. For all you chorus girls who read my journal, I know you know that he's in the Heartland Mens Chorus. (WHICH, by the way, is getting a new website very soon, thanks to Ames H, and Mark M. and that other guy and I) That's all I am going to say about that issue. Let me just say that I am very dissapointed by this whole thing. I don't even care about the money, it's the dishonesty, and the disclosure...or the lack of disclosure that I am so dissapointed with.
I just got an email from the guy at LifeBeat and this is what he had to say:


At this point in time we are not ready to officially expand our Hearts & Voices program in other cities, but hope to sometime in the future. We have occassionally done shows in Newark, N.J. and recently did a show in Los Angeles. Right now we don't have the staffing or funding to expand on a more regular basis, but perhaps we will at some other point in time.

I applaud your efforts and hope the show at Hope Cares goes well. I've been involved with Hearts & Voices for over 4 years and fully understand it's importance. Please feel free to call or write for suggestions or information. If I can be of some help, I'd be glad to. Keep in mind that Hearts & Voices was started by people who just wanted to entertain a friend in the hospital, so you never know.

Take care and good luck.


So you never DO know...he's actually perfectly correct there. That was my vision, actually, to start a whole organization of performers that go and do volunteer work with AIDS patients. Amazing, and then I get this message, that I get from Okrah everyday, right after I got that email about the performing:

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

--William Jennings Bryan, politician

This is an email from Greg, dated today (08.24.01)

I called Midas to get the service history on the Chrysler this morning. We had the Chrysler serviced at the 103rd and State Line Midas on 8/7/99. At that time we had an inspection of the brakes and they were found to be in good working order except for some wear in the brakes lines on the front of the car. We had Midas go ahead and do the repairs they suggested at that time which was replacement of the two front brake lines. The inspection did not show need of any further repairs at that time. The warranty on the brake lines/hoses as I understand it from the Midas people is one year. I don't know the exact nature of where the leak is you mention, but mom never had any problems of that nature since we had the repairs made back in August of 1999.
I'm not discounting the fact that you've had a problem by mentioning that, I'm only giving you the history as we know it. I will be happy to assist you with any other information I have or my time if you need me to. I'm truly sorry that you have had this problem(s). We certainly didn't anticipate that this would happen as the car was running well for mom up to the time we sold you the vehicle. Let me know. Thanks

and my response:

that's all great information Greg, but the one warranty has a date of 08/12/00 and the other warranty doesn't even have a date on it. Funny that both the warranty that you speak of is of the year 1999, and then the papers that I have are 2000? But they both are void, because the warranty is only good for one year, and that has already passed.

I was going to ask you to completely undo this deal, as it seems like we are both unhappy with it a couple days ago, but then decided to wait it out, and now I almost died because the brakes fail as I'm coming off the highway last night.

Whatever! I don't expect anything from you now, other than pertinent information of the history of the car (not that matters anymore, but I may still need the information); I will contact you if I need any other information about the stupid chrysler.

thanks, but no thanks,