Wednesday, August 8, 2001

I think we may have found a winner!

Libra - You should be making slow but steady progress with a relationship matter right now. But you still might not be sure whether or not a particular person shares your perspective. And some other people around you could still have some personal issues that need to be dealt with. Just remember that you can't always control everything.

So I got an email back from the broadcast email I sent out to the chorus, asking for help with my car situation. I think I may have found a winner!

Dear Bill, I have a 1983 Chrysler that runs very well that I'm considering selling. The vehicle has about 85 K miles on it. The car is nothing fancy, but it has provided my mom with great transportation through the years. It's one of those cars you hear about that are driven to the grocery store, church and the hairdressers and that's about it. The A/C in the car is not working and my mom just decided to get another vehicle rather than spend the money on getting the A/C fixed. If you're interested in the car, you can contact me at my work number below from 8-4:30 M-F, or reply to this. I'm asking 750.00 for the vehicle.

So I will arrange to go and check that out, because that just sounds too good to be true. What's fixing air conditioning these days? You just get it charged, and that's it! Fun! So that's a good start to today. Another great email from my Sue:

Just got back from the Doc and he said..."any day". All the tests show the baby is fine and is estimated to be somewhere in the 8 lbs range (of course this range has a span of 1.5 lbs either way...yikes!). So our next step(s)..we scheduled another appointment for a week from today and if she does not arrive by then we will then set up a day to induce ! We were told that most first time births on average are 5 days over due...which would make Monday B-DAY and only 7% of all babies go to 2 weeks(again I think this is low due to inducments)
We will do the best to keep you all updated on progress towards Madi's arrival. Thanks again for all the care and interest you all have had with the birth of our first. It is somewhat overwhelming to Thom & I on how many people are as excited and anxious as we are for Madeline to arrive!
Hope all is well with all of you!
Also, FYI due to the fact that I have not legally changed my name to ROSEN (ok it has only been two years), Madi and I will be registered at the hospital under my Maiden name "ECKL" not ROSEN. For those who are alarmed by this please be rest assured ROSEN is what will appear on the birth certificate and will be Madi's last name legally! And yes, this is on my list of things to do while I am on maternity leave!

This is so exciting! I'll keep this journal updated as soon as I possibly can with details, but as of 8/8/01, that is what I know for sure!.

I just got an email on my hotmail account, and it sort of freaked me out, because it had an 'incurable' virus, and I dont' know if it was just a general email, but it was addressed to me personally, so I don't know what's going on! This is the email if you get something from this person....DELETE IT quickly, without looking at it!
From : "Norman Repp"
To :
Subject : Norman Floyd Repp
Date : Wed, 8 Aug 2001 08:36:36 -0600

and this was the virus

Attachment : NormanFloydRepp..AProfile.doc.lnk (215k)

So be careful and delete that shit, if you get it. I should send that email to the FBI or something, tell them that that person is disseminating virses over the internet. I should have sent it to the National Infrastructure Protection Center, from their website:

The National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) serves as a national critical infrastructure threat assessment, warning, vulnerability, and law enforcement investigation and response entity. The NIPC provides timely warnings of international threats, comprehensive analysis and law enforcement investigation and response.

They are the ones who are handling that 'code red' virus, very recently. It's amazing what people send around the damm internet. Another amazing thing that I am never NOT astounded by is the amount of satellites in orbit around the Earth, and the amount of imagery that you can obtain, with just a few clicks of your mouse. There is an amazing picture of downtown Chicago that I've downloaded from, and a great picture of Molokai in Hawaii that is from NASA sites. Another picture, not necessarily a satellite picture but an aeriel picture of the Sprint campus in Overland Park, KS; where I work. So cool!

I just read this news report concerning Prince William, and le Queen

Wednesday, August 8 8:12 AM SGT Anthrax bombers threaten Prince William:
- Scottish separatists have threatened to kill Queen Elizabeth II's grandson Prince William with the deadly anthrax bio-warfare agent, British press reported Wednesday. The campaign against Prince William has been launched by separatists who warned they could carry out the attack when he goes to St Andrews University, in Scotland, in the autumn, according to the Daily Express. The newspaper said Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) activists already claim to have sent a bogus anthrax bomb to the university less than two months before the 19-year-old prince is due to start his four-year course. Although the device was harmless, it included a type-written note marked with a codeword and the warning: "This is anthrax", the newspaper said. Sources at the SNLA claim the anthrax hoax was posted in England on August The group told the Daily Express: "The bio-scare will act as a reminder to the British State that the SNLA can strike at will, and that we have eyes and ears within the university. "We can kill William, should he attend, and we will." The militants have targeted the university, the oldest in Scotland, because they are incensed at the idea that an English heir to the throne should study there. Formed in 1980 in response to "mass English immigration", the group has spent years making hoax bomb threats to blow up Queen Elizabeth and her daughter Princess Anne. However, it has never taken direct action. The university and Fife police Tuesday night denied any knowledge of a package being sent to the university, according to the newspaper.

Okay, this is completely seperate from what I've been talking about today, but yesterday, as you can read above, I was talking about CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT that pervades our newspapers. This is a quote from Reuters:

The morning began with a prayer, and Bush bent his head and clasped his hands. "I want to thank you Lord for a president that is willing to stand up and declare biblical principles on a daily basis for our nation," said Joe Carbajal, pastor of the Windy Hills Multidenominational Church.

when George W. Bush was at a Habitat for Humanity site in Texas. Now, mind you, I don't have ANY problem with the whole "Habitat for Humanity" idea, nor do I have a problem with people saying prayers, nor do I have a problem with the President going to volunteer his time for a good cause like that, it's just this idea of the Bible, and Christianity in general pervading the highest office of this country. What CRAP! I realize that the President is a man, but the "presidenCY" is not, and there should be no mention of Bible bullshit anywhere near government.

Who the fuck do these christian idiots think they are?

I sometimes, really hate this country. Yea, it's great, we're free and all that, but for the love of God, we have a President who is an IDIOT, who shouldn't even BE the president. Oh yea, that brings me to another tangent. Richard gets home last night and we took a trip to Quik Trip because I wanted him to experience the Honda, that I was borrowing/possibly buying. So anyway, on the way back we were stopped at the light and were TOTALLY harrassed by these two guys who yelled out their window to us: "GORE in 2000!! YEAH RIGHT" which, for a second, I didn't understand. Then I remembered that this Honda had a rainbow "Gore in 2000" sticker on the back bumper. So I said to the guy "Are you trying to be cute, or just insulting...I can't tell which one" then the other guy said "oh....insulting...insulting. So I just tore off, and didn't reply to them. I think they were drunk, and obviously republican women hating/gay hating/stupid-ass republican FUCKERS!
Gosh, I seem to be on sort of a soap box on this journal lately. But good for ME!