Monday, August 20, 2001

The day I buy a new l'auto

You might be forced to have to defend your ideas even if you don't really feel up to it today. Just try not to take any disagreements too personally right now. Identify any truly important issues and be prepared to stand up for them, but realize that it might be time to let go of some of the other less important ones.

Oh, that's just fucking great, I was just talking about how this guy who I'm buying the car from, is sort of jerking me around. Not to the point where I dont' want to buy the car, but if he continues to jerk me around, I'm going to let him know about it. I could break his neck like a chicken bone. Nevertheless, I think I'll buy the stupid car because I need it. So, anwyay the weekend recap:


was spent preparing the place, and getting everything in order for the p's grand arrival


Morning I went to the bank, got that all cleared up for today, money issues. Shopping for food to cook for the parents when they eventually do arrive. So they called, said they were a half an hour away, and were on the way. They arrived, and loved the place. My mom gave me a quick haircut, which to me, is the best of both worlds. Got a quick new doo, it's cheap and fancy free. I cooked on the grill, Ricky got to visit with my p's, we ate, then went out to starfucks for a dessert beverage. They eventually went back to the hotel.


Ricky left early to go to work, p's picked me up, and we went to the service, and they apparently loved it. I introduced them to Jerome, the featured singer, who is so fabulous, it's hard to put into words, and then we were off to the plaza and to Figlio's for a fabulous brunch. We watched the air show for a while, then took my mama to the airport. My dad and I hung out for a while, then he took me to a bike shop to get my bike fixed. I wish I could get a picture of my bike, but it's a 50's style, one speed, fabulous Monarck bike.It's sort of like this one in the picture, but it's not exactly like that. I think it was a reddish color, now it's sort of an orange color. So anyway, it is the quintessential fag bike. I've also heard it called the pee wee herman bike. Whatev. So I got two new pedals and a light for my bike..early birthday present he said. Then he watched some t.v. at my place for a while and then took off. Ricky got home late, and I missed him. I bought the bike for \\$35 in Chicago and I brought it back to KC only a couple of months ago. I have a couple of other things that I left in Chicago too, at my old apartment. I have my record player, with all of my fabulous records. Apparently the Gina, my old bartender friend from across the street from the old apartment, still has the keys that I gave him when I left Chicago, so hopefully there is still a chance that I might recover some of those old records. I know that there is still some other stuff that I left when I moved, but I don't know what exactly is there. Gina told me that all my shit is still down in the basement of that apartment.