Monday, August 13, 2001

The day my dream comes true!

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Today is an 8. All of a sudden you're raring to go. Too bad it's Monday. The one thing you're not interested in is work.

This is an email from the woman from the Care center, where I am going to be performing with Richard. We have set a date yet, but I am so excited about this, I can hardly even contain it!

Hi Bill:

Just to let you know...the paino is tuned and ready for you and Richard. Your friend John Y was great and he played for the residents...who left everyhting they were doing to listen to him. Can you imagine how excited they will be about you and Richard doing your thing.

The center is ready for you whenever you are set to go. Your contact person is _______ _______ and she is waiting for the call.

We thought that 6:30 in the evening would be the best time for all concerned. You can work out all the details with her.

I will be out of town for a week. Don't let that stop you from going forward. ____ and you can work everyhting out from here. I will keep in touch as I plan to be at the center to hear you whenever I can.

We are all so excited about this my friend.

Well I don't know if I ever have explained this whole story on this website, so I guess I'll go ahead and tell the story. So it was really late on a Sunday night, and I was flipping around the channels to find something to watch, and I finally wound up on In The Life which is a gay/lesbian tv show, that shows people all around the world, and showcases talents, and just pretty much just profiles people. So I was watching this episode and they were profiling people from the organization LifeBeat and the performers that sing and perform for AIDS patients in the New York area. This is what the website says about that specific story

LIFEbeat's Hearts & Voices is a music industry not-for-profit program which organizes volunteer musical performances for people with HIV and AIDS. ITL interviews performer Ennis Smith in Singing For Life, to find out what has led him to this venue

So I had the thought, why in the hell doesn't Kansas City have something like that, and if they DO, I would like to get involved in that organization, and if they don't, then I would like to start something at perhaps a smaller scale. So Richard was playing this benefit concert for the Hope Cares center, and I just happened to be talking about my idea to her, and she was so enthusiastic about the idea, and the email above, is my latest correspondence with her. This is one of those things that I am so excited about, I can hardly speak of it. Another thing that I am so excited about is my new neice Madeline. My mom told me, and you can see from the pictures, that she has a full head of jet black hair, which is sort of funny because both Thom and Sue are quite fair in their coloring. I love them both, they are such a great couple, and I love Sue so much, I am so proud to have her as my sister in law. I am going to start crying if I keep on talking about this, so I'll just stop. Okay, breathe! The other thing I am sort of excited about is my being accepted as a "reporter" from this great site, called Reporting I somehow came across that site, and thought it was one of the coolest sites that I had seen in a while, it's just a bunch of people's personal journals from around the world, and so I asked if I could "report from" Kansas City, and I just got an email over the weekend that said yes, so now I'm all set up there. You can go and see my writings there at That way, I'll be able to keep a journal there, and here, and link to either one from the other. I hope that will give me a bit more traffic to my personal site as well! So on Friday night, Richard and I went to dinner at this Thai resteraunt up by our house, which was so amazingly fabulous, we both loved it. Then we went to go see the movie The Others which I thought was an astounding movie. I thought the exact same thing as Richard, when I saw the trailor for the movie, and I thought, oohh...that could either be a really good movie, or just a really really bad movie, but the way it turned out, it was fabulous. The way they worked the ending was very clever, and it turned out to be quite an entertaining movie.

On the secluded Isle of Jersey in the final days of World War II, a young woman waits in vain for her beloved husband to return from the front. Grace (Nicole Kidman) has been raising her two young children alone in her beautiful, cavernous Victorian mansion, the one place she believes them to be safe. But they are not safe. Not anymore. When a new trio of servants arrives to replace the crew that inexplicably disappeared, startling events begin to unfold. Grace's daughter reveals she has been seeing and talking with unexplained apparitions that come and go in every room of the house. At first, Grace refuses to believe in her children's scary sightings, but soon, she too begins to sense an intruder is at large. Who is there? And what do they want from Grace's family? In order to find out, Grace must abandon everything in which she believes and enter the otherworldly heart of the supernatural.

I thought the movie was not necessarily brilliant, but quite good. On Saturday, Richard had a bunch of rehearsals all through the day. In the morning, he was with the ladies who are doing some little show, I forget what it's called. Then in the afternoon he was with "Working" so I utilized that time, and late-afternoon/night to work on the "Hope Cares" project. I have a much better idea of what I want to perform for that event now. I made a rehearsal tape for Richard and I, and I outlined what I wanted to do. Fabulous, it's all coming together brilliantly.